August 12, 2015By Lance Baily

Virtual Empathy Simulator from Curtin University

empathy simulator

Press play, and meet “Jim”. Jim is a virtual reality creation, designed to simulate patients for healthcare sector trainees. With the alternatives of professional placement in real-life clinical situations or the use of actors proving too costly or impractical, this is a high-tech solution that really looks ahead. This project was winner of the Innovation in Education Prize, supported by Teaching and Learning, Curtin University.

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“Initially, the avatar is controlled by a trainer who chooses its responses based on the student’s verbal and non-verbal behaviours. This interaction between the student and ‘Jim’ is recorded for reflection and feedback so that the student is supported and educated with increasing levels of independent responsibility in their management of medically challenging communications,” Dr Beilby said.

“This provides standard experiences for all students with the opportunity for repeated practice in a safe environment.

“The aim is for the student to achieve competence before having real-life interactions with the general public.”

Learn more at the Curtin University Website!

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