August 4, 2015By Lance Baily

Surgical Sam Baby Helps Train Boston Children’s Hospital Surgeons


Sharing today a recent story by news group Beta Boston covering the use of The Chamberlain Group‘s Surgical Sam by the team at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Peter Weinstock is the director of Boston Children Hospital’s Simulator Program, and his current “baby’’ on the operating table is a sophisticated medical mannequin that provides surgical teams with an immersive training environment.

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The child-sized mannequin is named Surgical Sam. Under its skin, which surgeons cut into with real scalpels, are facsimile bones, organs, and fluids made from plastic and other synthetic materials that approximate human tissues and liquids.

Click here to watch our video about Surgical Sam!

The big-picture goal of the Surgical Sam program, Weinstock said, is to create a non-judgmental environment where members of an operating team can improve their communication during real life-threatening situations. To date, the hospital has used Surgical Sam to train several hundred surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other clinicians.

“The reason planes crash is not because people don’t know how to fly planes,” said Weinstock. “The reason planes crash is because pilots don’t talk to each other. It’s much easier for clinicians to talk about technical work than about why they don’t communicate well.”

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Founded in 2001, the Simulator Program has long orchestrated various test-runs, from clinical contact with patients, to infectious-disease outbreak scenarios. When Weinstock became director in 2008, he became interested in rehearsing surgical procedures as well.

Read the full Surgical Sam Article on Beta Boston’s Website 


Click here to watch our video about Surgical Sam!

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