August 7, 2015By Lance Baily

4DHealth Offers Simulation Services to Barcelona and Spain

4d health

Today HealthySim shares about a relatively new Simulation Center 4D Health in Spain.  4D Health is the result of an individual initiative. The surgeon Dr. Enric Macarulla from Igualada started to incorporate simulation in training health professionals in the 1990s, specifically in the area of laparoscopic surgery in Igualada Hospital and later as a university teacher in different health science studies (medicine and nursing) at Barcelona Autonomous University and at the Bages University Foundation.

What are we? 4D Health is a pioneering simulated hospital near Barcelona that recreates the whole health environment. Is intended to increase safety and reduce the errors in health.

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For Who? There is a wide variety of players participating in the centre as health professionals, institutions, universities, industries, laboratories, enterprises and patients.

“I Train”: Training enables professionals to prevent human error and become better. Sportspeople, castellers, pilots… and health professionals.

“At the service of people”

The centre is a place conceived for patients and people as a whole. The patients, the associations of patients and their relatives are given information, training, support and accompaniment in order to deal with their illnesses. Special attention will be given to this group. The health professionals will be given advice and personal supervision to be able to improve their practice with patients. The training offer is directed at scientific societies, professional colleges, hospitals and all professionals of different specialities (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc) who wish to strengthen their skills in a certain field.

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The universities, health schools, innovation and research centres and the Administration have a virtually real work camp in 4D Health for learning and designing new plans, processes and applications. The use of the staff and the facilities will be studied case-by-case in order to achieve the expected results. The business sector, albeit public or private, finds in 4D Health an open and flexible place adapted to their needs. The industries and the manufacturers of health materials and pharmaceutical laboratories will have somewhere new to test their products. They can do this in situations very close to reality and will receive returns on their product from health professionals without it having any impact on real patients.

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