June 20, 2011By Lance Baily

Exclusive HealthySim Offer – $500 Off SimAction Products!


Increase Seizure & Defib Realism in your Medical Medical Simulations with an exclusive limited-time offer at SimActionOnline.com!

HealthySimulation.com has partnered with owner Greg Stahler from SimActionOnline.com to create a special ‘End-of-the-Fiscal-Year’ Offer on SimSeize and/or SimDefib! But hurry, this offer ends July 1st, 2011!

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Watch my 2011 IMSH Interview with Greg about SimAction Products!

The Products:

SimAction’s seizure simulator ‘SimSeize’ is a motorized actuator powerful enough to produce the full body motion of a real seizure, enriching the learner experience during a high-fidelity healthcare simulation! Click here to learn more about SimSeize!

‘SimDefib’, The Defibrillation Simulator is a new product from SimAction that allows instructors to replicate a patient’s physical response to defibrillation.  With a small sensor placed on your sim lab‘s defib pads or paddles – SimDefib registers a shock and automatically creates a physical response in your manikin! Although the SimDefib can be sold separately, it makes a GREAT addition to SimSeize. Click here to learn more about SimDefib!

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Both SimAction products work with ANY simulator brand as these motion-generating devices install into the standard hospital mattress below your manikin.  Device control pendants can be kept at the bed-side or in your sim lab control room.   The Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas owns the SimSeize and uses it regularly during high-fidelity simulations. And WOW… talk about immediate learner ‘buy-in’ for simulation! The students really react when the patient starts shaking dramatically!

The Offer:

To help with solving “End-of-Year-Moneyitis”, Greg is offering an exclusive $500 discount on all SimActionOnline.com products ordered by July 1st for the HealthySimulation.com community!

Just use the special keyword “HealthySim” in your email or phone order to secure this offer.

I am also happy to report Greg will be sharing some of the proceeds from this special offer back into HealthySimulation.com – so your sim lab investment will also continue to support this free resource website!

So act today at SimActionOnline.com!


P.S. Don’t forget that this offer ENDS on July 1st, so visit SimAction today before it’s too late!

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