July 1, 2015By Lance Baily

Dr. Carolyn Yucha Shares Why Staffing Sim Techs is #1 Priority for Healthcare Educational Administrators

*UPDATE: The recorded video is now posted on SimGHOSTS.org thanks to Laerdal. Click here to watch it now!

Last week at SimGHOSTS 2015 Australia held at the Clinical Skills Development Service in Brisbane, Laerdal Sponsored Keynote speaker Dr. Carolyn Yucha, Dean of the Nursing & Allied Health Programs at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, shared why healthcare educational administrators need to understand that hiring and keeping simulation technology staff is their #1 priority.

Highlighting a national survey on Educause.edu of educational administrators, the Top 10 IT Issues of 2015 included these top four points:

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  1. Hiring and retaining qualified staff, and updating the knowledge and skills of existing technology staff
  2. Optimizing the use of technology in teaching and learning in collaboration with academic leadership, including understanding the appropriate level of technology to use
  3. Developing IT funding models that sustain core service, support innovation, and facilitate growth
  4. Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology

Read the full Educause 2015 survey results report here.

Having been the lead champion of the development of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, which began with an idea in 2006, Dean Yucha is one of only a few healthcare administrators around the world that have built and maintained collaborative successful simulation programs across institutions and disciplines. Dr. Yucha shared the story of designing the center’s layout across from two other deans (From NSC & UNSOM) over a three year period that were connected by the Nevada System of Higher Education. Dr. Yucha then spoke on how to Negotiate to create an effective and efficient student learning environment, described the different roles and training needs for simulation staff, and discussed, and strategies for sim champs to communicate their needs.

The most crucial hiring practice Dean Yucha reminded the audience was to hire simulation staff that “desired to continue to learn”, as “technology evolves too quickly for us not to pay attention to whats going on out there”. Furthermore, simulation programs must maintain a technology refresh cycle to plan for aging equipment.

You can watch the Laerdal sponsored keynote address in the very near future on their website SimGHOSTS.org. You can also watch more Laerdal sponsored healthcare simulation program administrative content on our HealthySimAdmin pages.

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