May 20, 2011By Lance Baily

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Sim Technician's Meeting

The Gathering of Technicians event is specifically designed to train Medical Simulation Technicians, or those responsible for running the equipment in a high-fidelity healthcare simulation lab. Here are the 10 Reasons why you or your staff should join the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas in August:

Simulation Technician Meeting

10. Be an Innovative Pioneer
The Gathering of Technicians is the first event of its kind dedicated to connecting those responsible for operating technology in a simulation lab. Whether you are new to the technology of Medical Simulation or looking for the next level of engagement with this industry – be a part of the next big thing! Don’t get left on the ground floor, have a voice in the direction of this industry and your career by joining us in Las Vegas August 5th and 6th!

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9. Meeting Enrollment Limit
Have you ever attended a conference for Medical Simulation and felt lost in the crowd? Some conferences have over 2,500 participants! We have very limited enrollment and are maxing out this meeting to no more than 100 participants. That means you will have greater access to course experts AND have a better chance to meet and connect with peers! Get more out of your training budget by counting for more at the Gathering of Technicians!

8. Receive Specialized Training From Leading Experts
Experts from all over the country are flying to Vegas to provide you with the best in technician training in areas like: moulage makeup, audio-video production, manikin hardware and software repair, leadership and communication techniques, medical courses and much more! Get hands on with unique and highly specialized training from leading experts, including manikin representatives from Laerdal, Gaumard and METI.

7. World-Famous Facility
Healthcare Simulation users from as far away as Jordan have come to Las Vegas to tour the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. With 31,000 square feet, this multi-disciplinary multi-institutional healthcare center is a unique facility in the world of Medical Simulation. With 8 staff specializing in clinical skills, IT, audio-video production, manikin technology, surgery, theater and education we have the bases for simulation covered. Come learn which systems we use and why!

6. All Major Manikin Brands will be in Attendance
Many medical simulation centers and labs utilize multiple varieties of manikin brands. Some meetings only cater to a single vendor, making it almost impossible to discuss with colleagues, or learn from experts, about other brands. The Gathering of Technicians is designed to educate technicians about their preferred brand, but while still providing opportunities to discuss and learn about other product lines including METI, Gaumard and Laerdal. Get the most from your training dollars by investing in training from more than one company!

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5. Tech Exclusivity
Other meetings and conferences are geared towards all users of medical simulation, including physicians, nurse educators, debriefers and administrators. The Gathering of Technicians event is specifically aimed at technicians (or those responsible for operating and maintaining healthcare simulation technology). This means your time is maximized at the meeting, where every hour is dedicated to your profession!

4. The Bottom Line is Affordable
Other simulation specific conferences can cost upwards of $700 after factoring in membership dues and registration – possibly more if you want to attend specialized hands-on pre-conference training courses! With the Gathering of Technicians capped at $300 per person ($265 BEFORE JUNE 1st!) – you are getting a GREAT DEAL for a two day meeting dedicated solely to Simulation Technicians.

3. Location, Location, Location!
Viva Las Vegas! With great rates on fantastic rooms, relaxing spas and pools, amazing shows, unbelievable restaurants and an endless variety of great entertainment you CAN’T go wrong in Sin City. Have you seen a Cirque Du Soleil Show or even considered jumping off the Stratosphere? Hit the tables or the slots, and use your winnings to try the latest gourmet burger at the new Cosmopolitan! Vegas has it all, including one of the best Clinical Simulation Centers in the world!

2. Meet with Peers and Start Life-Long Friendships
Making new friends in your industry is invaluable! Interacting with peers and finding common ground over successes and failures helps everyone to share best practices and avoid pitfalls. All the best learning comes from direct experience, and there is no better way to share that experience than in person and face-to-face. Exchange contacts and gain valuable resources!

1. Awesome Fun!
Don’t attend another stale conference or meeting just to sit in classroom after classroom. While we have some great lectures planned for you, just think about all the great times planned for the meeting: After meeting us for drinks and tapas Thursday night, get hands on with simulation programming and making gooey special effects makeup Friday, before spending Saturday opening up and repairing the manikin brand of YOUR choice and then picking up a camera in our audio-video production session! Of course we have some great lectures planned for you at the GOT Event, but they are mixed in with some fantastic hands-on courses. All of this with other folks like you from around the country, all fascinated by the medical simulation industry and together at last in LAS VEGAS!

Early Bird Registration is STILL Available but ends June 1st – So Hurry!


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