June 15, 2015By Lance Baily

Arch Virtual Provides Realistic 3D Designing for Simulation Experiences & Sim Lab Layout


While searching the internet for all things simulation I stumbled upon Arch Virtual, who provides Realistic 3D Environments For Health Care Training.

About Arch Virtual

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Health care simulations have become a significant amount of the work we’ve been doing with the Oculus Rift and the Unity3D game engine. We work directly with universities and healthcare institutions to provide real-time virtual simulations of medical environments such as hospitals, clinics, and emergency response stations for grant funded and other research-based simulations and training applications. In some cases, we are brought in to create the 3D environment only. In other cases, we develop projects from beginning to end, complete with animation, avatar development, interface and interactive components.

Amplify Training Experience With Guided Simulations As with architectural visualization, virtual medical environments and replicas of hospitals, clinics and emergency response stations present the opportunity to amplify real experiences with guided simulations that replicate substantial representations of the physical world in a virtually interactive manner.

Realistic Guided Simulations With The Oculus Rift We can create any kind of interactivity or customization required to suit the individual needs of each unique project. Equipment can be animated, custom avatars can be developed, additional rooms can be added, etc. We can also custom-brand this particular demo environment for your use, including your logo, splash-image, etc.

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Learn more at Arch Virtual’s Healthcare Page!


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