June 9, 2015By Lance Baily

New Virtual Patient Monitor System from Simulab

simulab vpm

Received an email press announcement yesterday from Simulab announcing a NEW patient monitor system for any low to mid fidelity patient manikin or other healthcare education-based scenario. As a number of Simulab’s products have little to no technical “Hardware” in them, this new software will enable current and future customers to add this additional level of functionality to their training systems. Price at only $1750, this looks to be an affordable way to add pt monitor opportunities to your simulation learning environments. Have you seen my video coverage of Simulab TraumaMan and CentraLineMan? Definitely worth watching on our Simulab page!

Official Simulab Press Announcement:

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“Finally, an Affordable Patient Monitor for Manikins

Simulab announces the release of the VirtualPatientMonitor software system to heighten drama during medical team training simulations

Seattle, WA— June 8, 2015 —Seattle-based medical simulator manufacturer, Simulab, announces the release of the VirtualPatientMonitor, a software system that adds realism to just about any medical simulation training event. Instructors can create a variety of emergency clinical events during a simulation scenario to heighten drama and create a high-stakes environment. This allows the whole medical team to work together to practice team work and procedural accuracy, under stress, without endangering human lives.

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“We are committed to creating products and training tools that help prevent adverse events throughout the hospital,” states Christopher Toly, CEO. “Our products are being tested and proven in clinical settings to improve patient safety through skill assessment, continuing education and the implementation of best practices hospital-wide.”

The easy-to-use instructor interface controls a student view monitor. Instructors can change any or all of the vital statistics to simulate a variety of clinical events to escalate drama or to respond to team choices in real time. To ensure maximum flexibility, the VirtualPatientMonitor is a stand-alone unit and can be used with any simulator or even with a standardized patient.

“The simulation industry was lacking an intuitive, flexible, and affordable simulated patient monitor,” states Christopher Toly, CEO. “In response, Simulab worked with leading clinical advisors to create this easy-to-use, best-in-class solution.”

Features include the ability to create on-the-fly scenarios to easily adjust to student and training needs. Instructors can select from stable and unstable patient cardiac rhythms for instant access to variable patient conditions. These settings can then trend in over time to increase realism and escalate student immersion.

About Simulab Corporation

Simulab has been described as a practical engineering and manufacturing company—with a bit of mad scientist thrown in for good measure. We are truly passionate about human simulation. Our goal over the past 20 years has always been to create flexible, portable, affordable, and clinically relevant substitutes for both animal and human subjects used in medical training. But we have never been satisfied with “good enough.” Simulab is constantly pushing the bounds of human realism. We will not be satisfied until we have created a human mimic so perfect that participants will feel immersed—truly and completely—in each and every procedure. Each day we get a little closer.

For a full list of features or to set up a demo, visit the new VPM page of Simulab!

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