June 16, 2015By Lance Baily

New K9 Simulator From ITTS to be Showcased at EMSWorld



While browsing products on the EMSWorld.com website, I came across a new trauma simulator I had never seen before — probably because it is brand new! The innovative folks at Innovative Tactical Technology Solutions (ITTS) have done it again with a new K9 Simulator to help police departments, military squads, or veterinary simulation champions to drill for K9 trauma simulations. I would also recommend EMS training programs consider investment in this learning tool. You may remember that I interviewed ITTS on camera a few years back to learn more about their TOM Manikin, which stands for Tactical Operations Medical Manikin — a product designed by TSgt. Keary Miller, a retired Air Force PJ (Pararescue man) who won the Silver Star for his bravery at the Battle of Takur Ghar in Afghanistan. Watch my interview below to or read the article on TOM Man here. Clearly ITTS knows how to create realistic learning manikins for austere environments.

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The ITTS K9 is a wirelessly controlled canine manikin that replicates the Belgian Malinois breed of service dogs, and facilitates canine emergency medical care by simulating the common traumatic injuries these dogs experience.  Via an Android tablet, operators control K9’s barking, breathing, bleeding and responses to interventions. Features include: realistic weight, anatomical landmarks, respirations, heart rate/pulse points, bleeding, and durable fur & paws. Interventions include: bleeding control, airway management, IV/SQ/IO access, wound packing, impaled object, and gastric distension management.

ITTS specializes in the design and development of effective tactical training simulation equipment for military, law enforcement and medical organizations. Our primary consideration is to create products with such attention to detail that they add unparalleled realism in creating the combat training environment. ITTS focuses on creating simulations that provide actual combat stress in a training environment while leveraging technology to integrate our various simulation tools to create a comprehensive training experience.

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EMS World’s Top Innovation Award Program recognizes companies exhibiting at the 2015 EMS World Expo, September 15–19 in Las Vegas, NV. See the K9 Simulator at ITTS in Booth 543.

Visit TOMManikin.com to learn more!

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