May 18, 2015By Lance Baily

My Smart Healthcare Provides Simulated Procedure Training | IMSH 2015 Video Interview


A late addition to our IMSH 2015 Interview coverage, today we share more about My Smart Healthcare, which provides haptic-based simulated procedure training. The mySmartHealthcare products are being used by medical students, residents, physicians and nurses, who continue to work closely with their strategic partners on both in-depth simulation research and practical applications for their solutions. Watch our video interview below for the full story:

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About mySmartHealthcare:

Backed by over a decade of interactive training development, mySmartHealthcare provides high quality, low cost solutions that will aid in the reduction of error rates and improve quality care. The blended learning strategy enables organizations to improve procedural proficiency and quantify the results, saving time and improving competency before manikin training, task trainers, and labs. These solutions provide key documentation of proficiency early in the circle of training.

clinical vr virtual procedure simulations can be accessed online or installed on most computers. Web based deployment allows for easy access by a large number of users from any major web browser.

clinical tvr virtual procedure simulations include the increased benefit of tactile feedback through the use of haptic technology. This allows for an immersive and life-like sensory experience as the learner virtually performs a procedure.

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“mySmartHealthcare facilitates a highly accessible and reliable method to educate both health profession students and practicing clinicians in an effort to enhance clinical competence and improve practice confidence through virtual interaction. mySmartHealthcare can be invaluable to healthcare organizations seeking to standardize clinical education content while continually focusing on process improvement through the virtual procedure-based learning platform.”
-Stephanie Laws, MSN, RN Executive Director, Rural Health Innovation Collaborative

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