May 15, 2015By Lance Baily

Dr. Zubin "ZDoGG" Damania Brings Innovation and Humor to Healthcare

zdogg md

This week at the Mill (the accelerator program that the Konsiderate team is taking part with in downtown Las Vegas) our cohort met with mentor Dr. Zubin Damania, who founded Turn Table Health and whose alter ego “ZDoGG” provides hilarious medical-based improv music videos to lighten the world of healthcare. Turn Table Health has proven it can reduce healthcare costs by focusing on preventative medicine rather than costly cures. He spoke at TedMED 2013 about the need to fight back against a healthcare system that can dehumanize doctors and patients alike.

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About Turn Table Health

Turntable Health is a membership-based primary care and wellness ecosystem in Las Vegas focused on everything that keeps you healthy.

  • Timely Appointments. See us same-day or next business day.
  • No waiting. You made the appointment to see a doctor, not the waiting room.
  • 24/7 physician access by phone. Because you don’t need the drama of an ER visit if you can avoid it.
  • See us, or don’t. Talk to your doc by email, phone, or video chat.

About ZDoGG MD

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ZDoggMD is an international icon and man of mild-to-moderate mystery. Apart from writing, performing, and producing award-winning medical rap videos that educate and entertain, he’s a highly sought-after thought leader and healthcare speaker.

We’re hoping ZDoGG will collaborate with SimGHOSTS to make a “simulation” music video in the near future!

Learn more about Turn Table Health here, and watch all ZDoGG’s videos here!

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