April 17, 2015By Lance Baily

Illogic Provides Powerful Industrial Simulators To Safely Train Teams

illogic simulators

On occasion we like to share simulators from other industries to continue to remind ourselves about the continued rapid expansion of the simulation methodology through advanced technologies. Today we highlight “Illogic”, a company which produces simulators for projects like refineries, power plants and processing centers. Simulation in these industrial industries can enable operations managers to better train new staff or provide recertification to existing staff with safe, realistic real time engagements. Take a look at three of their portfolio projects below.

About Illogic:

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Illogic is an atelier-style lab that develop Digital Creativity: our designers, engineers, artists and programmers work together to built 3D interactive visualization and simulation solutions to help customers enhance their business. We create innovation: of product, process and business. Interactive 3D solutions, from simulation based learning and safety training to the creation of interactive 3D materials, improve communication and knowledge transfer and enable people to understand faster and decide better. We operate in several fields by designing innovative tools and applications that allow customers to experiment the impact of emerging technologies on business and on many areas of our daily life. Interactive technology solutions offer a new way to solve problems, help business to increase sales, better communicate product functionality, and decrease training and travel costs.

illogic simulation

Rosneft Oil Company Refinery Simulator

For Rosneft Oil Company, Illogic has implemented a state-of-the-art, real-time, high-fidelity dynamic simulator for three equipments of the Ryazan refinery. The Rosneft simulator has operator training systems and 3D virtual Immersive Training Systems (ITS)

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In collaboration with our russian partner Intelligent Ideas, we have developed different equipments (Heat Exchanger, Centrifugal Pump, Electrical Desalter, etc) and training procedures for different scenarios.

  • Ryazan personnel uses our immersive training system for:
  • Empowering human safety in the ambit of “HSE” policies
  • Reduce downtime and maximize the efficiency of plant maintenance
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of training

U.S. DOE – Simulator Training System

For the Department of Energy of United States Illogic has developed state-of-the-art, real-time, high-fidelity dynamic simulator training systems and 3D virtual immersive training systems (ITS), integrated in an energy plant and control room environment for IGCC power plant.

Using this innovative training system, a course has been developed that introduces trainees to the IGCC simulator, process, and controls. During the training in Virtual Reality, trainees startup and shutdown the simulated unit in an integrated manner and are exposed to simple and complex unit malfunctions. Trainees spend 40% of the time in the classroom and 60% of the time interacting with the operation and immersive training simulators.

VR-STAR – Virtual Reality Platform

VR-STAR is the most complete Virtual Reality software platform for the Oil&Gas Industry available today. It represents a new generation of Operation Training Solutions(OTS) based on immersive stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality technologies. VR-STAR platform can be used in all these contexts:

  • Pre-visualization for construction
  • Training of human resources improving efficacy and efficiency of training final results
  • Operational Management by simulating processes
  • Risk Management by improving HSE (Health Safety Environment) policies for preventing human accident
  • Immersive training is crucial to increase
  • Plant safety: traditional training simulators do not cover field operators.

Learn more about Illogic on their Website!

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