March 27, 2015By Lance Baily

How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView from Juri Bendini

exporting laerdal cpr results

Juri Bendini, Technical Manager & Educational Services Specialist at Laerdal Italia, recently shared on his blog on “How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView”. In his detailed article with photo walk-thru Juri shows us how we can export these results into a spreadsheet and even display these results in real time to the learner!

“From November 2013 till December 2014, I attended simulation sessions taken in a hospital for training all the hospital staff involved in emergencies. It was a blended case of In Situ Simulation training. At the end of that training, the instructors were so excited by this way of training they appreciated to get the chance for getting data about the CPR performances done by the learners during those simulation sessions.

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At the end of every single session, CPR data from each session with SimMan 3G has been available for being evaluated by the instructors. But how to export those QCPR data from a debriefing file?

SimView system allows you to export the Simulation Activity File for watching it with Session Viewer. Using Session Viewer you can print out the log file alone, so you get all the session’s data in a PDF format. If you’d rather to get them in a different format, then you must convert that PDF file. When you’ve more than one file, converting them one by one it’s a really boring activity: or you can find a method for converting all together at once.”

Read the full How To Guide here on Juri’s Blog and be sure to follow him at @PecoraNera1 for more great simulation tips today!

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