March 13, 2015By Lance Baily

Fast Company Covers Medical Simulation at Kaiser Permanente's Garfield Innovation Center

fast company medical simulation

At this Simulated Hospital, Linen-Schlepping Droids, Robo-Patients, and the Future of Medicine.

This high quality production covers the Dr. Paul Preston, Physician Safety Educator at Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center in the Bay Area of Northern California. Looks like Laerdal SimMan 3G has a role in the piece as well! Also covered is a unique robot which delivers linens around the center and groundbreaking telecommunication and diagnostic patient tools.

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“If you don’t normally think of Kaiser Permanente as a bastion of innovation, try these three words on for size: simulated robot childbirth.

The hospital is fake. But the creative ideas for how to make health care better are very, very real. In this week’s episode of Innovation Undercover, pay a visit to Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center simulation ward for a glimpse at where patient care is headed.”

Here’s the direct link to the Fast Company Video Page

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