March 6, 2015By Lance Baily

SSH President Shares Why Medical Simulation Is Essential for Patient Safety for the Future of Healthcare

dr andreatta

Dr. Pamela Andreatta, President of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), recently wrote an article for the Future Of Healthcare News on Why Healthcare Simulation Is Essential for Patient Safety. Below is an excerpt of the piece:

“A dress rehearsal”

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“Consider the analogy to a concert pianist, who trains under the tutelage of a maestro. The trained pianist would never perform before an audience without having practiced extensively beforehand and likely warmed-up immediately prior to any performance. In this situation, the risk of poor performance would be embarrassment for the pianist and the maestro, and disappointment for the audience. Yet, requiring trainees to perform without similar preparation is standard practice in health care, where the risks of poor performance are much higher. Fortunately, advances in clinical teaching methods and technologies offer an alternate approach.

Simulation-based teaching methods allow learners to acquire and maintain clinical skills in a safe environment where they can practice as much as they want on realistic, simulated patients, instead of real patients. Technological advances have led to simulated patients that function like their real patient correlates, allowing clinicians to practice techniques from catheter placement and identification of abnormal physical examination findings, to more complex interactions involving communication, disaster management, and multi-disciplinary teamwork.”

Read Pamela’s full article on the!

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