March 17, 2015By Lance Baily

Remedy Simulation Group Provides Innovators & Inventors with Product Development Support


Have an idea for a simulator or a working prototype that needs professional grade skins? Remedy Simulation provides awesome consulting services ranging from product prototyping to manufacturing, sales and marketing!

remedy sim

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About Remedy Sim:

The Remedy Simulation Group is the new identity of Pulse Anatomical Model Company, Inc. The company decided to rebrand the contract manufacturing business and retail business starting in 2015. While both sides of the business grow, the company wanted to keep things simple for the customer with a new organization. Clinical simulation is a crazy busy job and keeping products customers need front and center is the goal. All of the Remedy Simulation products are developed by combining industrial design with biomedical engineering to create winning solutions.

Remedy Simulation models will always have a realistic physical component that can be touched, cut, poked, prodded, and felt in some manner. Medicine will always require interaction with a patient and being able to offer that same high level of interaction with our products is the goal. If anyone has an idea for a new product, Remedy Sim can walk them through the process of licensing their idea and selling it through the company’s dedicated web store and network of distributors. If a lab uses a special home made product, Remedy Sim can also build that just for them. This can free up valuable time to develop new products to meet the growing need all organizations have.

The Remedy Simulation Group believes medical simulation plays an important role in the future of healthcare. Remedy provides two distinct ways to interface with the company: simulation training products and contract manufacturing. The company’s innovative products help learners studying in the medical disciplines to develop important and necessary skills by providing tactile, realistic scenarios for learning. Contract manufacturing services are available to anyone looking for assistance with the production and sale of a product. The Remedy Simulation Group looks forward to working with all customers to improve the standard of practice!

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As a simulation provider and modeling company, Remedy Sim offers contract manufacturing services. The company’s facility has grown from the famous closet in the company’s first office to a new 3000 square foot facility that has room for expansion. The processes we use vary by project and the company has the ability to integrate new materials and manufacturing methods as needed.

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