February 5, 2015By Lance Baily

TeamSim From Surgical Science Enables Inter-Professional Training Opportunities


Recent news over the Newswire about TeamSim, from Surgical Science:

Surgical Science, leading developer of virtual reality surgical simulation training systems, has announced the launch of TeamSim, a complete inter-professional education training system. Available today, this innovative new offering provides surgical teams with a faster, safer way to develop and perfect team-based, non-technical skills.

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“While innovations in laparoscopic surgical simulators have made an incredible impact on individualized training, we noted there was a gap between the experience of a single professional standing at the simulator and stepping into a collaborative OR staffed with multiple team members,” said Tony Rubin, vice president of Surgical Science. “TeamSim erases that gap by giving the whole OR team the opportunity to practice and refine their communication and non-technical skills without any patient risk. The result is a better prepared, more synchronized and safer surgical team.”

Using the validated, industry-leading virtual reality training system LapSim, the new TeamSim package features fully customizable laparoscopic training scenarios and complications. Instructors can continually challenge a team’s evolving training needs through pre-planned or spontaneously changing, remotely controlled virtual patients. The lightweight, portable unit allows team-based training in the OR, in situ or at off-site training events.

“With TeamSim, hospitals now have the ability to ensure that their surgical teams have the ability to effectively and efficiently respond to both routine and crisis scenarios from the very first procedure,” said Tomas Ragnarsson, managing director of Surgical Science. “We’re proud that TeamSim is helping to drive this new era of complete OR collaboration and learning.”

As a completely modular system, TeamSim may be purchased as a complete package or as separate components to complement existing training equipment. Learn more about TeamSim and how to purchase by contacting Surgical Science at [email protected]

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About Surgical Science:

Surgical Science, established in 1999, develops high quality tools for the Assessment, Training and Certification of medical professionals. Using Virtual Reality simulation technologies, users are able to build skills on Surgical Science simulators that demonstrate and transfer proficiency from virtual reality to the operating suites. Surgical Science’s world headquarters are in Gothenburg (Sweden) with the Americas headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and offices in Mexico City (Latin America) and Toronto (Canada).

Learn more About TeamSim on the Surgical Science Homepage!

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