February 4, 2015By Lance Baily

SoloShot2 Camera Attachment Tracks Participants Automatically

automatic tracking of video participant

What if our Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras could track simulation participants automatically — freeing us as facilitators or sim techs to spend more time focusing on operating the manikin, speaking as the voice of the patient, or analyzing the learner’s performance? Recently I was sent this video of the SoloShot2 that automatically tracks an Radio Frequency (RF) tag which you wear, so that the camera automatically follows the action! This unit is currently limited to outdoor use but the implications for our high-fidelity simulation labs are strong! Have you or anyone you know worked on creating automatic camera tracking in your simulation labs? I would love to hear all about it!

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About the SoloShot:

Attach the device to your tripod, and your camera to the device. Wear the Tag and video yourself from up to 2000 feet away!

Like most rad products, SOLOSHOT began as a solution to a problem. When the waves come up, everyone wants to be in the water. It’s hard to find someone to stand on the beach pointing a camera for hours even though that’s usually the best angle to shoot from. You really need a dedicated, skilled cameraman who is always at the ready to get the kind of high quality footage that professionals use to train or share with the world.

Even though SOLOSHOT started as a way for surfers to finally get that perspective shot they craved, the product has really taken off in all kinds of communities where the participants really want that angle that previously could only be captured by a dedicated professional cameraman. It’s pretty great to see random videos of rugby and soccer and even dog training and RC flying. When you think about it, you can set up a SOLOSHOT on the sidelines and get hours of super high quality footage of your practice, EVERY practice. The impact this kind of product will have on the careers of striving action and field sports athletes is already significant and we have only just begun to scratch the surface.

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SoloShot2 Specs:

Pan: 360° at 80° per second continuously in both directions
Tilt: 150° of vertical tracking at 35° per second
Battery: Up to 8 Hours of internal battery rechargeable using supplied USB cord
Accessory Port: For adding features such as camera control and charging Tags
Feedback: Long range directional Green LED for tracking feedback
Security: K-Lock socket for locking camera to Base unit, Tool for secure attachment to attachment to tripod which may be locked to a fixed object using a standard bike lock.

Get the SoloShot2 through Amazon and Visit the SoloShot Website for more info!

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