January 30, 2015By Lance Baily

How to Design Medical Simulation Curriculum — From Mentice

Mentice recently shared a free whitepaper called “How To Design A Curriculum for Healthcare Simulation” by Dr. Patrick Henn that is intended to take you through the process of curricular design. It will show you how to select and develop the essential components that, together, deliver the key elements of the curriculum. This approach is applicable to large and small organizations with varying budgets. This document is a really useful tool for educators beginning their journey into healthcare simulation curriculum design, or educational design in general.
Benefit of the approach found within this whitepaper:
  • It will save you time and effort
  • It can be used for the design or redesign of courses, workshops and seminars
  • It can help you meet the demands of accreditation bodies
  • It will help ensure that you ask all the important questions, and consider and explore all options, before decisions are made
  • It will help you improve your curriculum
  • Curriculum design and evaluation, when performed using this approach, is an opportunity for scholarship.

Lessons here include how to:

  • Tell the learner exactly what to expect including the methods of student support
  • Advise the teacher on the content to deliver and how to support learners in their personal and professional development
  • Enable the institution or organization to set appropriate assessments of student learning and implement relevant evaluations of the educational process
  • Inform society on how the institution or organization is delivering on its social responsibilities.

Click here to download this Free How To Guide from Mentice! 

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