January 15, 2015By Lance Baily

Gaumard Births Newborn "Tory" Simulator at IMSH 2015

birthing simulator latest noelle

Stopping by the impressive Gaumard Booth at #IMSH2015, I had a chance to finally check out their Victoria Birthing Simulator and new Advanced Newborn Simulator: Tory. The Victoria is a “generation 2.0” of Gaumard’s famous line of Noelle Birthing Simulators, with realism upgrades that are easy to see. There are great improvements here that take the Gaumard birthing simulator to the next level.

Victoria’s engineering has redesigned the abdomen to provide for increased fidelity based off your scenario’s primary learning objectives. What this does is enable us to increase the realism of our scenarios by swapping out specific abdomen hardware specific to procedures such as normal childbirth, postpartum hemorrhage, c-section and more. There were lots of other new improvements including new CPR functionality, airway features, improved operating software, and quieter engineering.

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Immediately clear to me was the improved range of limb motion on Victoria and Tory, with joints that now have seamless skin coverings, instead of the previous limited motion joints that looked very “manikin“. See these photos below for close ups of leg and arm joints:

victoria ob simulator skins

victoria birthing simulator up close

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When you look at Tory side by side with his predecessor Baby Hal, it’s easy to see the increased level of realism due to the new engineering and skin:

gaumard tory vs hal

Victoria supports the widest range of medical diagnostic equipment of any tetherless maternal and neonatal simulator. Use a real fetal monitor, ECG monitor, defibrillator, pulse oximeter and automatic blood pressure monitor device. Care providers can set-up and operate real equipment, interpret critical information and follow protocols just as they would in real clinical situations.

The birthing baby of Victoria also added some great core functionality including the ability to program: crying sound, motion, cyanosis, heart and lung sounds.

Birthing Baby (Not Tory)

  • Full-term baby with unsurpassed realism and lifelike appearance
  • Anatomically correct with realistic proportions, size and weight
  • Innovative realistic skin
  • Realistic newborn articulation
  • “Care-in-Motion” tetherless technology
  • Baby can present the following signs of health or distress: – Heart and lung sounds – Movement – Crying – Cyanosis

If you are planning on doing a more advanced newborn scenario, then switching the baby to the Tory makes the most sense. The Tory is the updated version of the Baby Hal and also has clear improvements. Features of Tory includes:

  • Smooth full body skin with seamless joints
  • Palpable fontanelles
  • Human-like range of motion on legs, arms and waist
  • Bilateral IV arms and purlses
  • ECG monitoring using real electrodes
  • Urinary catherterization with interchangeable genitalia
  • Intraosseous access
  • Left IV leg
  • Heart and lung sounds
  • Ventilations / Compressions
  • Bilaterial blood pressure arms
  • Seizures & movement

Learn more about Victoria on her Gaumard homepage (Tory Page coming soon).

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