January 13, 2015By Lance Baily

SSH "Pioneer in Simulation" Award to Dr. Michael Gordon & Opening Plenary by Dr. Kardong-Edgren

ssh pioneer in simulation award

“As a leader in the field, Dr. Michael Gordon has inspired others to dream more, to do more, to learn more, and the become more.”
– Professor Ronald Harden.

Dr. Michael S. Gordon received the Pioneer in Simulation Award this morning at the 15th annual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare for his work to create the Harvey Auscultation Manikin, a ground breaking project which enabled for the effective teaching of medical residents through simulation. Through a wonderful video, the audience was toured through Dr. Gordon’s 50 year history which should be made available online soon, which shared his story of perseverance that lead to the Michael S. Gordon Center for Research in Medical Simulation at the University of Miami, funded mostly by patient donors.

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Early in his professional career, Dr. Gordon recognized the benefits that technology could bring to primary care, especially to help them better identify heart disease in their patients.

Dr. Gordon suggested “People felt that the Harvey would make Medical Doctors less friendly to patients because the computerized machines didn’t respond. Dr. Gordon’s did a study and found the opposite was true, patients were as satisfied or more by medical professionals who studied with Harvey. Simulators were a valid way to teach people”. SSH knows, its because of Pioneers like him

He provided the audience some major recommendations including:

  1. The Dean must love you.
  2. Secure and keep the consideration for Funds high so your program doesn’t run out of money.
  3. You can further if you go together. You can go faster if you go along. Open doors.
  4. Everything comes down to perseverance. You win because you stay with the program.

Dr. Gordon took the stage to thank the audience for the award and thanked the audience for making simulation appreciate a Global Audience saying “Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are”. He attributed his success to the family at the center. including Dr. Barry Issenberg. Could never have done what You’ve made my dreams come true, because now I will claim I will walk with you.

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The morning then moved to the Opening Plenary by Dr. Suzie Kardon-Edgren PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE Professor/Director of the Rise Center of RMU and Adjunct Associate Professor at Drexel University’s Medical Simulation program. Suzie started by reminding us that the “Gozilla” of simulation in coming, and its going to win! Dr. Kardon-Edgren went on to showcase the history of medical simulation through pioneer individuals, organizations, journals and more. The number of medical simulation articles continues to grow since the 1970s, reaching 1700 in 2012.

The work that has been accomplished has made simulation have a “New normal”. Indeed each year we expand simulation moves the bar for where we can start from in simulation, furthering where we can all go together.

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