January 9, 2015By Lance Baily

Studiocode Medical Simulation Research Tool Free Conference is Feb. 6th & 7th

studiocode medical simulation research tool

Studiocode works towards Unlocking Human Potential through Education Research, Healthcare Simulation & Research, Aviation Simulation & Market Research. In order to maximize the value of a healthcare (education) facilities’ video information it must be easily categorized, stored, searched for and shared. Studiocode is a complete video analysis and digital media management tool. This unique teaching tool enables you to assign workflows and tags to any video content. Once categorized this data becomes a powerful resource as it can be searched, viewed, analyzed, distributed and published.

Next month Studiocode is holding their FREE annual conference in Forth Worth Texas, which will be an excellent demonstration of how Studiocode can be a powerful research tool for your simulation or educational program. Studiocode is very pleased to share with you a snapshot of what you can expect to hear, learn and participate in during the 2015 Studiocode Conference.

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Unpacking the Practice of Probing Student Thinking

In this session you will be provided with insight into the analysis cycle used to unpack the practice of and develop a framework for probing student thinking.

Co-presenters: Dr Dawn Teuscher, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, Brigham Young Univesity. Dr. J. Matt Switzer, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, Texas Christian University.

How Studiocode Supports Analysis & Understanding of Context

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This presentation will demonstrate how to apply Studiocode to develop, test, and validate qualitative codes to support context analysis.Presenter: Alexis Battista, Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University and a research fellow at MedStar Health Research Institute.

The Role of Studiocode in Analyzing the Professional Development of Math Teachers

In this session we will outline how Studiocode is used to analyze video data of math teachers participating in workshops, teaching students, and thinking through mathematical tasks. Dr. Strom has taught mathematics at the community college level for over 17 years and she is currently serving as the Principal Investigator for an $8.7M NSF-funded MSP project titled the Arizona Mathematics Partnership. This project is a professional development and research project focused on middle school mathematics teachers in 7 school districts in Arizona, and led by Scottsdale Community College.

Co-presenters: Dr April Strom, Scottsdale Community College Faculty. Matt Weber, Scottsdale Community College, Ph.D. candidate, Math Education, Arizona State University.

Data Visualization with Studiocode Code Windows

The ability to script and customize buttons allows the researcher to turn the code window into a powerful presentation tool for data visualization. In this interactive session participants will observe and discuss scripting features within Studiocode that are useful for creatively visualizing data. We will brainstorm ideas for scripting to visualize data for your own research.

Presenter: Tara Kaczorowski, Lecturer, Exceptional Education Department, Buffalo State University. Ph.D. Candidate, University of Buffalo.


Studiocode Conference Details

Venue: Texas Christian University
Address: 2800 S University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129
Dates & Times: Friday, February 6, 2015, 9:00 AM – 5 PM Saturday, February 7, 2015, 9:00 – 12:30
Cost: FREE!

Click here to register now for this Feb. 6th-7th Event!

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