December 31, 2014By Lance Baily

Thanks for A Great Year of Healthy Simulations!

simghosts2014 was Year of the Sim Tech!

Sim Champs,

2014 has been an amazing year for simulation. From the overwhelmingly positive NCSBN research results to the expansion of SimGHOSTS across the pacific into Australia and affiliation with ASPiH UK, and from the launch of new simulator products like the Fidelis and the Victoria to the development of Konsiderate – the worlds first community review platform for simulation products, our interesting world of modern technology & methodology continue to improve the structure of healthcare.

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For me personally, 2014 brought forth a great deal of wonderful traveling; everywhere from Albuquerque New Mexico to Sippy Downs Australia. I can say matter-of-factly that no matter where I went, the common denominator amongst all simulation champions around the world is that we love what we do. While this is energy is consistent so too are the stories of frustration that come with being an innovator. As champions, we consistently are challenged by the status quo — sometimes on every step of our process towards successful utilization of simulation. But this feeling of resistance to innovation is not exclusive to healthcare simulation. Being an entrepreneur, I can share that I have experienced this same resistance in other industries as well. The movie “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill perfectly resembles the individual, institutional and community resistance to change.

In the film, Beane (Brad Pitt) and assistant GM Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), faced with the franchise’s unfavorable financial situation, take a sophisticated sabermetric approach towards scouting and analyzing players, acquiring key “base hitters” over famous players, break through resistance to change and win 20 consecutive games, an American League record. More importantly, they forever changed the way Baseball would be played – something that the Red Sox realized earlier than other teams. In this scene below, the Owner of the Boston Red Sox acknowledges to Billy Beane, that the innovator will face the most challenges of all to bring change — but that change is inevitable and ultimately correct.

“For 41 million, you built a playoff team. You lost Damon, Giambi, Isringhausen, Peña and you won more games without them than you did with them. You won the exact same number of games that the Yankees won, but the Yankees spent 1.4 million per win and you paid 260 thousand. I know you’ve taken it in the teeth out there, but the first guy through the wall… it always gets bloody, always. It’s the threat and not just the way of doing business, but in their minds it’s threatening the game. But really what it’s threatening is their livelihoods, it’s threatening their jobs, it’s threatening the way that they do things. And every time that happens, whether it’s the government or a way of doing business or whatever it is, the people are holding the reins, have their hands on the switch. They will bet you’re crazy. I mean, anybody who’s not building a team right and rebuilding it using your model, they’re dinosaurs. They’ll be sittin’ on their a** on the sofa in October, watching the Boston Red Sox win the world series.”

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Billy was then offered the most money any General Manager had ever been offered at that point in history to lead the Boston Red Sox the next year into victory, which he turned down because of his love of the Oakland A’s.

What helps me get through this resistance, challenge or frustration? I simply choose to focus on what has been accomplished, and the benefits of what still needs to be accomplished. Challenges faced are just hurdles to be jumped over, and accepting those difficulties as part of the path of a disruptive champion is honestly a necessary requirement to successfully overcoming them. With awareness and acceptance of these challenges, our resistance to resistance will be minimized — and that way — our energy can stay focused on working through resistance as opposed to be drained by it.

My goal for 2015 is to continue to dramatically expand the reach of, and to help champions engage with one another even more. As Champions we can recharge our batteries not only by our successes, but by the support and sharing of successes by other simulation champions around the world who face the exact same resistance. Do you do the same? How else do you mentally overcome this resistance? Email me and let me know!

I thank each and every one of you for reading and sharing this year, which made the website hit over 10,000 readers a month by Q4!  and always welcome your Our community of champions need to recharge reinforcement

Below are some of the photos from my crazy year of simulation! Write to me and share yours as I love to see what you are up to in simulation!


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