December 15, 2014By Lance Baily

Otosim Launches 'OtoSim2' Otoscopy Trainer with $700 Discount Offer — This Week Only!


OtoSim CEO Andy Sinclair wrote in to share that this is the final week to get $700 off the pre-order price on their new OtoSim2! Andy shared We want to remind you of the opportunity to purchase OtoSim2 at a $700 discount, if you pre-order by December 22, 2014. The first shipment you receive will be the current, study-validated OtoSim system. The second shipment will include the instrumented otoscope, sensor box and OtoSim2 software upgrade. Under this offer, you can receive the discounted pricing until March 31,2015. For those attending The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) we invite you to join us at Booth #906 for a demo of Otosim2 in person. “

About the OtoSim2:

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OtoSim Inc. continues to innovate with a new simulation and training technology for otolaryngology. Interest and feedback gathered over the past 3 years from various healthcare practitioners has proven to be the catalyst for a novel breakthrough in otoscopy simulation: OtoSim 2.

OtoSim 2 is the upgraded version of OtoSim with new software and hardware, and increased capabilities:

  • Verify student progress via the instrumented otoscope. Trainees can point with this device to complete the learning feedback loop.
  • Expand student knowledge through reviewing 380 high resolution images from the Hawke Library to instruct, practice, and test students
  • Save instructor time by connecting up to 14 OtoSim units to a single trainer laptop to effectively instruct groups at the same time
  • Supplement classroom instruction with 150 pre-annotated images for self-directed learning
  • Improve viewer retention through immersive full-screen experience with a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Further increase student capability through advanced quizzes with randomized, realistic clinical scenarios that test both medical and patient interaction skills
  • Build student confidence through the use of the instrumented otoscope, allowing students to practice and improve their otoscopic technique

otosim comparison

You have heard from our team with more frequency lately. The reason is that the launch of the OtoSim2 is big news for the simulation industry and we want everyone to experience the tremendous value it will deliver to your medical education program.

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Visit the Otosim2 page to learn more now!

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