November 12, 2014By Lance Baily

Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare 2014 Nottingham Officially Begins!


 This morning in Nottingham, UK the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare officially opened its 2014 event with the theme of “Changing Behaviours”. President Bryn Baxendale announced some of the following new organizational developments:

  • New ASPiH Journal Published: “BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning Journal” with Editor Nick Sevdalis
  • Creation of “Student ASPiH” (sASPiH) Special Interest Group to create and provide resources for student members
  • Launch of “SimHeroes”, a new simulation performance competition
  • Launch of “Skills Passport” providing learning opportunities to students through exhibitor equipment

The Opening Address was “Developing and Assessing the Performance of Professional Practice” by Dr. Paul Phrampus, Director of UPMC’s WISER and Immediate Past President of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Paul spoke about his work with the patient safety and system wide training certification needs at UPMC which is a 20 hospital institution with about 6,000 physicians and 11,000 nurses, and how simulation can apply to practicing professionals.

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Paul reminded us of Dr. Peter Densen’s 2011 article on Challenges and Operations Facing Medical Education which stated that as of 2010, medical knowledge doubles every 3.5 years. This doubling continues to add increasing pressure on healthcare providers as they get further away from their initial education. He warned that simulation alone could not solve this dilemma alone, but could act as a kind of “trojan horse” to bring better performance assessment into the clinical environments as part of the solution. Paul then shared how UPMC is incorporating simulation as part of the solution for maintenance of certification (MOC) for a dynamic experience range of healthcare professionals which includes web-based information, videos, testing and more.

In conclusion Dr. Phrampus proposed a future model of personalized ongoing continuing education and efficient incorporation of simulation through efficiency combined with effectiveness, customized training to the learner, and by being connected to modern availability of data designed to help one make decisions based off their career. By pulling in system data with individual monitored data, customized learning opportunities become more efficient which simulation could be a part of.

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About ASPiH

ASPiH is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, we are a membership association formed in 2009 through the merger of the National Association of Medical Simulators (NAMS) and the Clinical Skills Network (CSN). The overarching goal of ASPiH is to enable wider sharing of knowledge, expertise, and educational innovation related to simulated practice across the healthcare professions.

ASPiH Aims

  • provide an effective communication network for those involved in simulated practice in the UK and beyond
  • provide quality exemplars of best practice in the application of simulated practice to education, training, assessment and research in healthcare
  • establish key benefits & evidence of impact linking simulated practice with improvements in patient safety & quality of care
  • develop and share key operational and strategic resources for members drawn from experience within the association and from links with relevant educational bodies nationally and internationally
  • encourage and support scholarly development and recognition of members through wider dissemination of innovative practice at scientific meetings and publications

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