November 14, 2014By Lance Baily

Rush University Launches New Simulation Center

The new Rush Clinical Skills and Simulation Center uses sophisticated manikins and other technology to simulate real-world patient care for students and health care workers at Rush University Medical Center.

rush university sim lab

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The Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation celebrated its Grand Opening on Monday, September 8, 2014. The celebration marked the completion of Phase I of construction for the center, which has over four times the capacity of the former simulation laboratory.

The 7,5000 square foot center is located on the ground floor of the Jelke Building at Rush University Medical Center and utilizes advanced technology to help create patient scenarios that vary from influenza to Ebola. The events mimic what a health care worker would experience in real life.

The new facilities will feature training environments for emergency/Intensive Care Unit (ICU) medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics. Each procedure room will include a control room, from which expert simulation staff can execute a variety of targeted treatment scenarios. New software and an integrated video recording system will allow peers and students to review simulations in debriefing sessions. During training scenarios, participants provide care utilizing an array of human patient simulators.

In Phase II, the center’s capacity will increase to over 15,000 square feet within the next year during this final phase of construction. Additional space will include ten examination rooms for our standardized patient unit, cadaver laboratory, and modern task simulations such as laparoscopy, bronchoscopy, and robotic simulators.

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