November 10, 2014By Lance Baily

Implementing a Multidisciplinary Simulation Based Training in Interventional Radiology


Dr. Winokur is an Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital where he specializes in Interventional Radiology. In this video recorded event which was supported by Mentice, Dr. Winokur shares his experience of “Implementing a Multidisciplinary Simulation Based Training in Interventional Radiology, Leading to Better Patient Safety“.

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Founded in 1999, Mentice is the world leader in medical vascular simulation, providing high-end Simulation Solutions for training, education and assessment in a wide range of disciplines. The benefits of training with Mentice solutions are validated and well documented enhancing clinical performance, reducing cost, and in the long term, Improving Patient Safety. Mentice introduced the world’s first endovascular simulator in 2001 – the VIST – and has since been the market leader with the world’s largest install base of simulators for endovascular intervention. Mentice works closely with leading medical and healthcare professionals in order to develop long-term solutions for hands-on training. Mentice focuses on technical development, medical content and training curriculum in its endovascular and surgical simulator products. The company has vast experience from the use and application of simulators in both industry training sector and hospital based clinical skills training.

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