November 6, 2014By Lance Baily

JUMP Trading Simulation & Education Center Leads Innovation for Medical Simulation

Jump Trading Simulation Center

Jump Trading Simulation & Education is a powerful force for innovation within our community of medical simulation. Recently the Center brought together leaders from High Consequence Industries (HCIs) came together to share ideas on Safety, Training, and Engineering Processes because Technology is evolving at a rapidly increasing pace, and with it, so do advances and concerns in safety science.

At the event “former Air Force Flight Surgeon and Captain for United Airlines, (retired) Dr. Bill Rutherford, believes that technology has become a crutch for safety. When technology starts to do everything for you, it is easy to lose focus. Over time, people begin to feel that they don’t actually need to perform, and hence lose – or never acquire – the knowledge to safely execute basic functions. This inability to perform becomes an issue when there is a hardware or software failure that requires a person to take control of the situation.

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Going back to the basics could also save time and money. In health care, a lot of unnecessary costs could be avoided if caregivers were to take the time to talk to the patient and do a physical examination instead of immediately requesting tests and letting machines do the work. To reestablish and maintain such a culture, Dr. Rutherford believes that industries should continually reappraise training priorities and approaches, as well instilling the tenants of a Culture of Safety.”

This event is just one of dozens of collaborative projects, events and partnerships the JUMP team has put together through the leadership of Chief Medical Officer John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP, Executive Director of Innovation Paul Pribaz, and the rest of the amazing faculty and staff of this program. Whether its partnering engineers and clinicians through their ARCHES program, Entrepreneur in Residence support, courses on startup success or work with CSE Software, JUMP has their focus forward.

About Jump:

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Through the amazing virtual tour of Jump seen above , learn how actual medical equipment is combined with state-of-the-art simulation devices and facilities to attract the finest minds in clinical education and provide the highest level of medical research, training and innovation.

Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center (Jump) is an incubator where collaboration and innovation lead the transformation of health care worldwide. Jump programs and objectives are key to improving the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of care for community members across the region. A collaboration between OSF HealthCare and University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP), Jump advances the Missions of both organizations.

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