July 30, 2014By Lance Baily

Smart Pump Training Simulator Through 'HealthScholars.com' of CSE Software

smart pump simulator cse software

Earlier this week I posted about the CAT Heavy Equipment Simulators from CSE Software, and today I am sharing about their mobile training simulator products for healthcare providers including a Heparin Adjustment Trainer and Smart Pump Training Apps. According to a report by CareFusion, 70% of heparin errors are caused by the wrong dose, omission and prescribing errors. The majority of heparin errors (47.6%) originate in administering the medication, followed by 18.8% in transcribing the order, 14.1% in prescribing the product, 13.9% in dispensing functions and 5.4% in patient/lab monitoring activities. These simulators can help train away these very errors! After reading the below information visit the “News->Videos” section of the Health Scholars website for more coverage of these apps.

Smart Pump Training Simulator
In this interactive app (shown above), hospital professionals will learn the proper operation of the Smart Pump and supporting software program used for patient safety. The actual pump has a built-in computer and it is constantly collecting and monitoring data. The system helps improve patient safety and reinforces best practices. Through the simulation of this device, healthcare professionals can ensure training on the infusion pump is delivered consistently and efficiently to personnel. The interactive app allows training to take place in a patient care environment, and in the presence of a preceptor. In addition, process and procedures can be covered to help personnel get a full understanding of the device.

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heparin simulator

Heparin Simulator

In this interactive app, hospital professionals will learn how to properly administer the medication Heparin through a Smart Pump. Heparin is most often used as an anti blood clotting medication, and can be fatal if administered incorrectly. The app will take the user through several scenarios where he/she must correctly figure and administer the medication. Results can be saved for Internal viewing by administration.

So who is this innovative simulator company CSE Software?

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cse software

CSE Software Inc. is located in the heart of the warehouse district in Peoria, Illinois. A technology company Founded in 1990 by Ken Pflederer, our current client base consists of large, Fortune 500 companies and small, family-owned businesses.  No company is too large or small to reap the benefits of our comprehensive services. They have developed over 2200 projects to more than 260 clients for 110 languages spoken around the world. As they are in Peoria, IL they have also started working with the awesome folks at JUMP Trading Simulation Education Center:

“In a strategic partnership between CSE Software Inc. and OSF Healthcare at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, Peoria, Ill., CSE is developing simulations for both medical devices and medicine administration. The correct use of medical devices and proper administration of medication is critical to patient care and safety. The ability to train with realistic tools and environments ensures that medical professionals learn the same techniques as they will use in a real-world medical situation. CSE Software Inc. is proud to be a partner in this endeavor with OSF Healthcare.”

Visit HealthScholars.com to learn more about these Smart Pump Training Simulators and CSEsoftware.com to learn more about this innovative company!

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