July 1, 2014By Lance Baily

"True Plastic Surgery" Blog Talks Sim Tech Shop

true plastic surgery

Looking for more great content for simulation technicians? At SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia I ran into Cyle Sprick who was sharing some impressive projects he built during the B-Line Medical “DIY Forum” course. Although I have posted it before I wanted to remind you here to check out “True Plastic Surgery”, Cyle’s awesome “tips, tricks, and hacks” page for all things dealing with simulation technology.

In this post are photos from his DIY projects which include “manikin straps to hold arms in place during EMS backboard scenarios, LearningSpace camera modifications, and customized MegaCode Kelly upgrade walkthroughs”. Anyone who likes to tinker with simulation technology will love Cyle’s blog!

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learningspace tweeks

About Cyle and “True Plastic Surgery”:

Cyle has a background in biomedical engineering and systems project management as well as experience in EMS, space technology, and simulation development.

Since 2008, Cycle has been working full time with the Clinical Simulation Unit in the Flinders University School of Medicine  in Adelaide, South Australia, where he assumed Director responsibilities in 2011.  Seems this role fits him very well as a perfect overlap of his passion for medicine, education and engineering.

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“This blog is a public forum where I intend to share my thoughts about simulation in healthcare education, particularly technical musings. I sometimes tell people that when I’m working on one of our manikins that “this is true plastic surgery”, hence the name of this blog.”

manikin arm straps

Get these tips and more at http://trueplasticsurgery.wordpress.com/

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