June 3, 2014By Lance Baily

Laerdal SimMom Automation Hardware Upgrade Now Available

laerdal simmom

At IMSH 2014 Laerdal was on hand to demonstrate their new hardware upgrade for birthing simulator “SimMom”, which now supports both automatic and manual delivery training scenarios with the optional Automatic Delivery Module. The great news here is that if you have previously purchased SimMom from Laerdal, that the Automatic Delivery Module Upgrade kit is available. Watch HealthySim’s video interview below with Fredrikke Vikhamar, APN, PNP, CS Group Product Manager at Laerdal during IMSH 2014 to learn more now.

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About SimMom From the Laerdal Website:

The Automated Delivery Module reduces cost per training session and improves assessment quality by:

  • Providing standardisation of delivery scenarios at every training session.
  • Allowing fewer instructors to be involved in each training session; only training assessment is needed, not also simulator operation.
  • Reducing the demands instructor; improving the quality of assessment, and minimising the risk of instructors becoming fatigued.

Automatic Delivery Module can be used with new and existing SimMom simulators. The Automatic Delivery Module delivers:

  • Birthing Baby in different positions
  • Normal Occiput Posterior
  • Normal Occiput Anterior
  • Breech
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Delivery using Instruments

SimMom is so easy to use that it allows instructors to adapt training to accommodate individual student or team learning needs at basic to advanced levels. SimMom can also be used as a hybrid trainer or full body simulator. In addition, it can be used for non-obstetric training as well as a female pregnancy simulator. Pre-programmed scenarios provide standardised training while customizable scenarios and real-time instructor controls allow scenarios to be adapted, depending on the learning objectives. Prompt and the NLN have developed a range of scenarios for the manual operation of SimMom allowing for full assessment and scoring. Training includes normal and operative vaginal deliveries of infants, vaginal delivery with shoulder dystocia encounters and breech infants. For use with the Automatic Delivery Module HealthCare Simulation in South Carolina have developed a range of scenarios.”

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Learn more at Laerdal’s SimMom website!

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