February 17, 2011By Lance Baily

UK University Offers Masters in Medical Simulation

HertfordShire University in the UK is offering a Masters degree in Simulation for:

“Clinicians from medical or other healthcare backgrounds who are already using simulation for education or training, or would like to learn more about it as… well as Non-clinicians who are interested in the technical side of simulation, leadership and business skills”.

Medical Simulation Masters Degree

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What are the key skills that I will gain with this Medical Simulation degree program?

On a masters programme you will gain many different skills and a lot of knowledge. The main aims of this programme is to:

  • provide you with the knowledge and skills required to utilize high and low fidelity simulation as a training and educational tool to improve the knowledge and skills of participants
  • Enable you to empower others to transfer learning acquired in simulation scenarios to the workplace in order to improve services and increase patient safety
  • Enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching in simulation on the knowledge and skills of other health care practitioners in order to increase patient safety and improve the quality of services
  • Enable you to critically appraise best evidence in order to inform your educational and training practice in simulation

For more information about this program check out the School of Postgraduate Medicine’s MSc Medical and Healthcare Simulation Website.  Also, be sure to check out the MSc Medical and Healthcare Simulation Catalogue.

I heard at the TATRC Conference last week about a Masters in Medical Simulation degree here in the United States – but I was not able to learn where the program is being hosted.  If you know more information, please send me an email at [email protected] so I can share with others!

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