May 12, 2014By Lance Baily

Education Management Solutions Expands Brand into "Simulation IQ" – Founder Video Interview from IMSH 2014


Continuing our video interview coverage of the Vendor Exhibit Hall during the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare 2014, today we are highlighting our talk with Education Management Solutions Founder and CEO Anurag Singh, about the history of EMS, the new “Simulation IQ” branding and new unveiled products at the event.

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Anurag explained that EMS started by providing A/V recording of Clinical Skills Assessments for Standardized Patient engagements. Originally when this company began, instructors were either using VCR tape decks or pieces of paper to record these engagements — so clearly the technology has evolved quite rapidly. Anurag then shared that because there has been so many variations of the technology that Education Management Solutions has decided to rebrand all of its products and services under the new umbrella name of “SIMULATIONiQ“. He suggested that the new brand represents not only the data being gathered by these recording platforms but also what the knowledge that it can bring its users.

casemaster simulationiq

Also at the event Simulation IQ unveiled CaseMaster:

SIMULATIONiQ CaseMaster, is a unique cloud-based training tool that enables medical practitioners at every level to master new skills – or polish old ones – through recurring practice, instant feedback, and assessment. CaseMaster is EMS’ first crowd-sourced tool for simulation based mastery learning, enabling a community of authors to collaborate and create numerous medical cases based on actual care pathways. Learners can practice for hours at a time, from anywhere, on any device – with no physical medical simulation center or mannequin required.

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SIMULATIONiQ CaseMaster Enables:

  • Authors to quickly modify and create a series of cases with variations from a single index case.
  • Collaboration among authors to create a large number of simulation cases for deliberate practice.
  • Learners to acquire skill sets in a shorter period of time by practicing on a variety of cases.
  • Learners to attain mastery through a combination of repetition and deliberate practice using simulation through immediate guidance and feedback.
  • Educators to test, educate, and refine techniques that will allow learners to achieve a level of mastery quickly.

Learn more at CaseMaster and more about EMS at the new website!

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