May 7, 2014By Lance Baily

Reach Expands A/V Recording Systems to Medical Simulation

reach av systems

At IMSH 2014, HealthySim had the opportunity to meet with Reach, a Chinese-based A/V company which is expanding its line of training A/V recording systems into the medical simulation market. Reach-USA sales representative Steve Valenti and I discussed the various ranges of product opportunities, from small single room capture systems that only cost around $5000 to multi-lab center options for larger programs. Watch the full interview below:

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About Reach: SZ Reach Tech Co.,Ltd, founded in 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise with its headquarter in Shenzhen. The company specializes in the productions and solutions of multimedia recording and streaming system.Over the past few years of production, management and exploration, our products have already got the certificate of FCC, CE, National Defense Network Access Certificate of China, etc.Our Company continuously provides our customers with comprehensive solutions and excellent products related to multimedia recording and streaming system which are widely used in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Training and Video conference, etc.

reach medical simulation products

About Reach’s Healthcare Simulation Products: Medical training, especially simulation and surgery training becomes a hot topic nowadays. More and more advanced facilities are used in the simulation, operation or examination to record the process and stream to audience. REACH healthcare solution provides an advanced, convenient and humanized e-training environment. Start record according to schedule or by a single click, press one button of remote controller to display the simulation live, double click the browser to review the records on line. REACH makes your medical training easier and with completed information.


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  • Improve the studying experience with superior audio visual quality.
  • Share the media information by more staff and more occasions.
  • Integrate the information from various medical devices.

Key features

  • Multiple source input, up to 6 SD or 4 HD inputs.
  • High quality videos, up to 1080p with 30fps.
  • Low-latency live streaming.
  • Annotation function.
  • IP-based solution.
  • Supports central control system.


  • Multiple Source Input
    Maximum 6 SD or 4 HD inputs for each session.Supports signals from camera, monitor, PC and other visual devices, provides complete pictures of the simulation scenarios.
  • High Quality Videos
    Supports Full HD 1080p signals up to 30fps.
  • Live Streaming
    Concurrently displays different signals of simulation training scenarios in live streaming, and the live streaming delay is lower than 0.5s.
  • Annotation Function
    Add annotations while training and display when playing back.
  • IP-based Solution
    Based on IP, It’s easy for deployment, and allows you to playback files at any time and place.
  • Supports Central Control System (AMX, CRESTRON, etc.).

Learn more at Reach’s dedicated USA website!

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