April 26, 2014By Lance Baily

SSH LinkedIn Discussion: Do You Charge for Sim Center Tours?

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Quick post this weekend to direct your attention to a great conversation taking place in the SSH LinkedIn Discussion group regarding tours of Simulation Spaces. Fritz Sticht, Administrative Director at Behling Simulation Center, asked “we are constantly getting requests for tours and I am wondering how to justify attaching a fee to such requests. As you know these tours take up time and center resources. Thanks for your input.”

My response was: “Fritz, couple of things. First, I would not charge for a tour. Tours promote your center and your institution and to the community, potential business partners, donors, legislative reps, potential students and more. You never know who will be apart of your tour group. I have heard on more than one occasion a tour being followed up with a check of $50,000 or more from a anonymous donor. If you cannot possibly provide all those tours — read how Video tours can save your program a huge amount of money while still sharing the space with those that aren’t specifically requiring a physical tour: https://healthysimulation.com/3120/adding-multimedia-social-media-to-strengthen-your-simulation-program-website/

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Other response highlights include:

David Rodgers Manager, Clinical Simulation Center & Resuscitation Sciences Training Center, Penn State Hershey Medical Center: “Our Hospital Volunteers have been oriented to the Center and do the student tours. Senior residents and faculty do the resident and fellow tours. Most of these are just walk through tours that do not involve any time on our part. The rest of the tours fall into two groups: VIPs visiting the Medical Center, and local community and school groups. Each of these requires staff time and will occasionally include a demonstration.”

Pam Boyers Sr. Advisor to the Chancellor for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education at The University of Toledo: “In our experience, visitors/tours fall into several different categories, so we have different levels of tours that are handled somewhat differently: 

1. Tours requests from our University students and faculty. 
2. Board Members, Community/State and National level Committees. 
3. Community Requests
4. Architects, engineers etc.
5. Recruitment of students and faculty to the University.”

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If you have LinkedIn, read these full responses and all the rest on the SSH LinkedIn. While you are there, sign up for the HealthySim LinkedIn group as well!

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