April 30, 2014By Lance Baily

Simulation Week Starts This Saturday May 3rd

simulation week

Simulation Week, brought to you by Nicole Jones De Rooy and Simulation Australia begins this weekend,  Saturday May 3rd and runs through Friday May 29th – and will be hosted online through the SimulationWeek website linked below.

About the Special Online Event:

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“SimulationWeek is an opportunity to promote the many forms of simulation in our organisations and communities to celebrate its many accomplishments and future vision.

SimulationWeek will be hosted online at www.simulationweek.com – open to anyone that wishes to highlight their own innovative work through a news story, video or combined image and simulation message format. Pictures are essential and this platform will provide an opportunity to display images easily, providing an exciting snapshot of simulation for the week for the world to see. Visit the website for suggestions on how you can contribute to SimulationWeek both online and offline.”

Starting May 3rd, simulation champions from around the world will share messages about themselves, their programs, their lessons learned, their journeys, successes, failures and everything in between! Below are just a handful of topics to be shared online during SimulationWeek:

  • Introductions to simulation champions from around the world
  • Sharing of simulations and techniques used most frequently
  • Inspiration from others working/researching/inventing in simulation
  • Exploration of organizations running simulations & learning how simulation is central to their core business.
  • How simulation is driving innovation in our industry
  • What is the future for simulation in organizations?

How is you going to celebrate SimulationWeek May 3 – May 9th 2014? Visit www.simulationweek.com now to plan your adventure now!

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