May 16, 2024By Teresa Gore

2024 ASPE Annual Conference

The Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) is a global organization focused on human simulation via Standardized Patients, aka Simulated Patients. ASPE hosts their annual conference in the summer yearly. The ASPE Conference Committee has created a conference to engage, showcase creative works, stimulate professional development, and provide ongoing opportunities to network and collaborate. ASPE is delighted to have you attend the ASPE 2024 conference to become more informed on the latest SP practices and innovative ideas. This article by Teresa Gore, PhD, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CHSE-A, FSSH, FAAN, will provide a glimpse into the ASPE 2024 Annual Conference.

2024 ASPE Annual Conference

The 2024 ASPE Annual Conference provides a space where a community of simulation educators, researchers, creators, and practitioners can share their practice of turning visions into reality through human simulation. The 2024 theme is Inspiring Growth, Motivating Change, and Creating Opportunities. The pre-conference and conference will be held June 22-26, 2024 in Vancouver, Canada. The main objectives of this conference are to:

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  • Explore the ASPE Standards of Best Practice and SP methodology.
  • Discover innovative ways to incorporate new ideas into your own practice.
  • Experience the latest in Human Simulation technology from our sponsors.
  • Connect in person with some of the best in the industry.

Pre-Conference Workshops: Preconference workshops will begin on June 22nd and continue through the morning of June 23rd, when the conference officially begins. The pre-conference sessions are:

  • Foundations of SP Methodology Part I: Constructing Your SP Community
  • Foundations of SP Methodology Part II: Methodology in Action
  • Foundations of SP Methodology Part III: Building Program Infrastructure
  • Research I: Basics of Scholarship
  • Research II: Foundations of Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • Advance at Your Institution: Leadership Development for Human Simulation Professionals
  • HELP! I Need Somebody! Meaningful Metrics for Growing Your Program
  • Addressing Policies and Procedures in Your Standardized Patient Program
  • SimGHOSTS Moulage Basic Bootcamp: Adding Immersion and Dimension to Standardized Patient Scenarios
  • Implementing a Professional Development Series to Empower Your SPs
  • Developing a Standardized Patient Simulation for the Purpose of Teaching and Evaluating Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning
  • Operationalizing the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice: Academic and Practice Exemplars
  • Leadership Essentials: Communicate Collaboratively to Navigate Challenging Conversations
  • You’ve Done It – Now Write It Up! Preparing Your Paper for Publication

Monday’s Plenary Session: The Story of YOU

This interactive and quick-paced program will be presented by Janece Shaffer, founder of StoryReady. This Plenary will introduce storytelling strategies as well as celebrate community, connection, and joy. The session offers a chance for meaningful reflection as well as the chance to strengthen narrative skills that could grow not only opportunity but connection, self-awareness, clarity, and trust.

Meet the Speaker: Janece Shaffer, Founder of StoryReady : After 20 years of crafting stories for the stage, celebrated playwright Janece Shaffer was eager to teach others what she had learned about creating powerful narratives. Instead of creating an experience that unfolded in a theater, she set out to teach storytelling strategies with the same kind of impact, emotion, and connection whether in a boardroom, classroom or living room. Since launching her company, StoryReady, she has worked with academics across the country and with clients like Georgia Pacific, Delta Air Lines, and The Home Depot.

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Wednesday’s Plenary Session: Lessons From Playwriting

An internationally produced, award-winning playwright based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Elaine will share tips from her theatre practice which are immediately applicable to SP educators.

Meet the Speaker: Elaine Ávila, MFA, Playwright/Professor, Douglas College : A Fulbright Scholar, Creative Writing Professor, and internationally award-winning playwright, Elaine Ávila’s plays have premiered in over forty cities, from Los Angeles to Lisbon. She is the co-founder of the Climate Change Theatre Action, which now reaches 45,000 participants worldwide. Her plays are available from NoPassport Press and Talonbooks.

2024 ASPE Conference Opportunities

During the conference, multiple educational sessions will be offered concurrently throughout the day. The sessions will focus on SP Educator Development, Administration, GTA/MUTA, Curriculum/Case Development, or Advancing Your SPs. These sessions will begin on the afternoon of June 23, 2024, through the morning of June 26, 2024.

In addition to the education sessions, participants will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues. Multiple vendors and exhibitors will be attending the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to see what is available to grow and expand your SP program.

Post-Conference Workshops

To wrap up the conference on the afternoon of June 26, 2024, two post-conference workshops will be held:

  • The Power of Play Series: Yes! And… It’s All About You!
  • Conflict Management for the Authentic SP Educator

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Course SPN M1: Foundations of Standardized Patient Methodology to learn more!

ASPE Standards of Best Practice

Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) Standards of Best Practice (SOBP) were developed for those working with clinical human role players who interact with healthcare learners in a wide range of experiential learning and assessment contexts. The ASPE SOBP is intended to be used in conjunction with the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Healthcare Simulation Standards, which address broader simulation practices. These standards are a foundation to guide the practice and management of Standardized Patient Programs for educators who use this methodology in clinical simulation.

The SOBP is organized into five domains: safe work environment, case development, SP training for role portrayal, feedback and completion of assessment instruments, program management, and professional development. Each domain is divided into principles with accompanying key practices, which are numbered for ease of reference. Not all practices apply to every situation, and the order in which the practices emerge may vary.

‌More About ASPE

As the international organization of simulation educators, the Association of Standardized Patient Educators is also dedicated to promoting best practices in the application of SP methodology for education, assessment, and research. The organization’s added purpose includes fostering the dissemination of research and scholarship in the field of SP methodology and working to advance the professional knowledge and skills of its members.

Learn More About the ASPE 2024 Annual Conference!

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