March 6, 2014By Lance Baily

Research Article: Using Simulation to Develop Handover Skills

Here’s a free-access article (shared by Nicole Jones De Rooy’s on how to use Simulation to develop handover skills for healthcare students! “A simulation of patient handovers in a safe environment can help student nurses to develop the skills and confidence needed to carry out this process effectively.”

Learn From This Article:

  • Why effective handovers are important
  • An audit of students’ experience of handing over
  • How a simulation experience was introduced

Author: Guy Collins, senior lecturer at the University of Derby.

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Abstract: Using simulation to develop handover skills. Nursing Times; 110: 8, 12-14.

This article outlines the potential impact of ineffective handover skills on nurses’ confidence, competence and coordination, as well as on patient safety.
It focuses on how student nurses can develop their communication skills by looking specifically at how the University of Derby used simulation to teach pre-registration student nurses effective handover techniques.

5 Key Points:

  1. Ineffective handover can compromise patient safety
  2. Developing communication skills is a key domain of pre-registration nurse training standards
  3. Some student nurses are unsure what constitutes an effective handover or lack the confidence to deliver one
  4. The SBAR approach to handovers helps professionals to structure the information given
  5. Practising handovers in a safe environment helps build students’ knowledge and confidence

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