September 13, 2023By Lance Baily

Echo Healthcare and TraumaSim Announce New Global Partnership

Echo Healthcare continues to invest in highly realistic simulation training products and solutions to assist educators to provide the most realistic education and training environment for their learners. Research studies continue to prove the importance of realism within medical simulation scenarios and training exercises directly impacting learner engagement and retention. And while the use of simulation in healthcare education continues to grow, so does the desire for faculty and instructors to ensure that the quality of training their learners receive makes them exceedingly prepared to treat actual patients in all clinical environments. This article discussed an exclusive partnership between Echo Healthcare and TraumaSim to provide high-quality, realistic products for healthcare simulation.

Echo Healthcare Partnership with TraumaSim

Echo Healthcare recently announced an exclusive partnership with TraumaSim to expand the product offering to include a robust line of realistic moulage, wounds, task trainers, trauma wear, and hands-on simulation products. The addition of TraumaSim’s highly realistic products enhances Echo Healthcare’s position at the forefront of medical education and increases the ability to drive their overall mission “to improve patient outcomes and save lives through innovation, education, and technology.” This exclusive partnership allows Echo Healthcare to manufacture and support TraumaSim products within their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sarasota, Florida, and exclusively resell within North American and South American markets.

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TraumaSim has been a global leader in providing medically accurate and realistic wounds, injuries, and medical conditions that assist in the training and assessment of medics, first responders, and healthcare professionals since 2008. TraumaSim designed and manufactured the world’s first Emergency Tourniquet Trainer for the Australian Army and Israel Defense Force, and it remains the gold standard worldwide for military and civilian first aid training. The TraumaWear line consists of bruises, burns, eviscerations, wounds, lacerations, and fractures and can be worn by human/standardized patients or applied to simulated manikins for enhanced realism. Another product is the popular Hemostatic Clotting Trainers, with instructor-controlled bleeding, that allow learners to practice wound packing and dressings on a realistic trainer in a safe environment.

Consistent with Echo Healthcare’s existing products they manufacture, each TraumaSim product is created with latex-free, non-toxic, medical-grade silicone that is medically accurate and looks and feels real. Each trainer is designed to give a clinically accurate response to encourage proper placement, pressure, and technique, just as they would in treating a real patient. The silicone wounds, moulage, and TraumaWear are all designed for quick and easy application and clean-up with no staining from any products. This allows faculty and simulation team members the ability to enhance the realism of their simulation scenarios and standardized patient encounters using wounds and moulage without there being an extensive amount of preparation and clean-up time.

TraumaSim also believes in the shared importance of diversity and offers a wide array of products, genders, and 11 different skin tone options with the ability to create custom skin tones. The synergies between Echo Healthcare and TraumaSim’s manufacturing quality and exceptional customer support allow this partnership to be monumental for both the civilian and military markets in North and South America. Echo Healthcare continues to meet the need for more realistic simulation training products and solutions globally and across all specialties.

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“We are thrilled to begin manufacturing TraumaSim products and offering them as a compliment to our diverse product portfolio. As a global leader in medical simulation solutions with a strong focus on realism and quality, we want to partner with other industry leaders to provide the best training products that encourage the best outcomes for all healthcare specialties. With the addition of TraumaSim products, our customers will now be able to integrate additional realistic simulation training products into their program that are backed by the highest level of quality and support they’ve come to expect from Echo Healthcare,” says Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

“We are delighted to announce the partnership with Echo Healthcare as it is the culmination of our long-held aspiration to find a partner who shares our values, our commitment to customers, and our quality of service. We have known Echo Healthcare since its inception and followed its exciting journey with great interest. Echo Healthcare is the perfect partner for us, and we are looking forward to an exciting shared future for both of us and, most importantly, our customers.” Nola Pearce, President TraumaSim.

More about TraumaSim

Since 2008, TraumaSim has been providing medically accurate products and services designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries, and medical conditions that assist in healthcare training around the globe. Our products are designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, offering a bespoke service to develop specific wounds, injuries, medical conditions, or task trainers to suit your requirements. We have worked closely with many organizations, including medical, military, and emergency services, and are confident we have the know-how to bring your vision to life. Learn More About TraumaSim!

More about Echo Healthcare

Founded in 2018, Echo Healthcare is a global leader in medical simulation, education, and training with an overall mission to improve patient outcomes and save lives through innovation, education, and technology. Echo Healthcare is focused on providing the most realistic and immersive simulation products in the world. With a combination of over 40 years of medical education and simulation experience, the professionals at Echo Healthcare are committed to delivering the very best service to their end users.

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