January 29, 2014By Lance Baily

Pronto Birthing Simulator Provides Developing Nations with Delivery Training


Yesterday At IMSH 2014, I met with Dilys Walker, MD – Executive Director of Pronto International and learned about this non profit organization’s valuable mission. PRONTO is an obstetric and neonatal emergency training program that leads inter-professional medical care teams through a series of skills stations, team-building activities, and low-tech, highly realistic simulations. Participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the immediate diagnosis, treatment and stabilization of obstetric emergencies in resource-limited settings through two innovative training modules.

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Dilys explained to me that the organization provides affordable training birthing simulators such as the PRONTO and PRONTO Pants to developing nations to better support the health and care of mothers in labor. Pronto International aims to optimize care during birth. They develop and implement innovative training strategies for health care providers that act as a catalyst for individual, team, and system change. They accomplish their mission by:

• Providing low-cost, highly realistic obstetric and neonatal emergency simulation training for interprofessional teams in resource-limited settings around the world.
• Promoting kind, dignified, and culturally responsive care of women and babies through interactive training modules that facilitate group discussion and self-discovery.
• Assisting local teams in the diagnosis of system barriers and in identifying achievable strategies to improve patient safety and birth outcomes.
• Contributing expertise to the field of low-resource simulation and facilitated debriefing.
• Participating in implementation research to refine training modules that improve outcomes for mothers, babies and healthcare providers.

PRONTO can be used to help teams train on the following procedures:

  • Normal Birth
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Post-partum Hemorrhage
  • Birth of a Vigorous Infant
  • Birth of a Non-Vigorous Infant
  • Birth Complicated by Meconium
  • Neonatal Resuscitation of an Infant with Meconium
  • Infant Requiring Cardiac Compression

See the PRONTO Pants demonstrated in the clinical learning scenario below:

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To donate, purchase or learn more about PRONTO International – visit http://www.prontointernational.org !


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