January 26, 2014By Lance Baily

IMSH 2014 Launches in San Francisco


Today at the Mascone Center in downtown San Francisco IMSH 2014 launched its 14th annual conference with an introduction by this year’s Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) President Pam Jeffries PhD. Doctor Jeffries spoke of the value of membership with SSH through their simulation educator certification program and simulation center program accreditation – which 38 programs have achieved. Pam then spoke about the global presence and strategic mission of SSH which started with numerous surveys, that lead to the creation of an action plan for better communication plans, reviewed committee structure, and leadership development for healthcare professionals in simulation. She then spoke that the organization as a whole is ready expand into growth through careful reflection of its operations while sustaining the values of simulation even though we’re in economically challenging times.

She then awarded the “Simulation Innovation award” to Stephen Abrahamson, Phd Professor Emritus of USC Medical Education. Although Dr. Abrahamson was unable to attend in-person, the audience got to learn about the history of his team’s development of the SIM-ONE, the worlds first medical simulation anesthesiology trainer via video interview with Dr. David Gaba. Full of wit and humor, Dr. Abrahamson recounted in fun detail of his work with his colleagues at USC. He motivating question was “How can I help med school teachers learn something about teaching and learning so that their efforts can better.” I cannot do Dr. Abrahamson’s video interview justice by text alone – and so I hope to be able to post a link to the video interview soon. You can learn more about the Sim-One here.

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The internationally attended then kicked off with an opening plenary address by Ian Curran, BSc, AKC, MBBS Clinical Advisor at NHS Health Education England entitled “Value, values and virtues – contemporary learning from antiquity?”. More on his address after it completes!

ian curran

The SSH mission is to lead in facilitating excellence in (multi-specialty) healthcare education, practice, and research through simulation modalities.

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Learn more at http://ssih.org/imsh2014

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