January 22, 2014By Lance Baily

Star Trek TNG Set Captain's Chair @ IMSH2014 SimGHOSTS Booth #434!

Boldly Go Where No Sim Champ Has Gone Before!

star trek at imsh

Sim Techs – this is your notice that we are beaming in chairs used on the actual late-90s Paramount Enterprise Bridge-D set of Star Trek The Next Generation at our SimGHOSTS Booth #434 at IMSH 2014!

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If you are attending the San Francisco event, stop by SimGHOSTS Booth #434 for the photo-op of a lifetime by sitting in Captain Picard’s chair, or in Data’s Command console!

Watch the video above to learn how this set was saved from destruction on the Paramount lot — and the awesome non-profit NewStarship that is bringing the Star Trek Chairs up from Los Angeles.

Want to hang out more with other SimGHOSTS? Join them for “Pints with Friends” at “Kate O’Briens Irish Bar” Sunday night at 8:15PM. (Note: This informal get-together has been pushed back to start at 8:15PM!) Kate’s is located at 579 Howard St – just two blocks from Mascone. Join us to connect with your Sim Tech pals!

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This is your chance to simulate the Battle of Wolf 359 so “MAKE IT SO” at SimGHOSTS Booth #434!

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