January 1, 2014By Lance Baily

Spectra's SimuBleed Simulated Blood Now Available for Purchase

simulated blood moulage

Following up from our post last month — Spectra Group has announced that SimuBleed 1000, their patent pending Advanced Blood Simulant, is now available for purchase. After a successful pre-launch and testing, Spectra Group is ready to offer SimuBleed 1000 as a commercial product. SimuBleed 1000, a 100% synthetic advanced blood simulant, does not contain any biological or hazardous components. SimuBleed 1000 displays viscosity, flow and color similar to real blood. When used with the Spectra Gauze, SimuBleed 1000 also displays clotting properties, allowing to simulate hemorrhage control and bleeding stoppage.


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“I really enjoyed your product! It is very realistic and truly enhances the training experience. I’ve used it in one of our training dummy which has IV lines. It looks and feels just like the real thing!”

“I was very impressed at the clotting factor making the blood on the gauze look very real”

“This is the most realistic material I have seen yet”

“I have only used this product a few times but have become an instant fan. This blood looks exceptionally real with its dark red color, perfect viscosity, and it can even form clots”.

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Pricing and Packaging Sizes:

  • 1 liter $20 1 gallon $45
  • 5 gallon pail $210
  • 1 pouch Spectra Gauze (3″ x 70″ roll) $5
  • 5 pack Spectra Gauze (5 rolls 3″ x 70″) $20
  • Sample kits also available (1L SimuBleed 1000 + 1 pack of clotting gauze).

Spectra has also introduced a NEW Washable Blood Simulant: NoStainSim


NoStainSim is a concentrate for washable blood simulant  and is the newest addition to the blood simulants line from Spectra. It is a basic blood simulant designed to aid in field and/or office trainings and in situations where cleanability (STAIN-FREE) is a priority. NoStainSim is a dark red liquid concentrate that can be added to water to create a low viscosity mixture that looks like blood in color. No powder mixing, no clogging of lines. NoStainSim is easy to clean off from surfaces and clothing, especially if recommended pre-treatment procedure is followed. NO stains behind. Packed in 1lb heat-sealed bottles, and 1/2 bottle of concentrate (1/2 lb) can render 3 gal of simulant. Pricing: $13/lb

For more information on SimuBleed 1000, visit the Spectra website.

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