December 19, 2013By Lance Baily

Extrication Simulated Training System

extrication simulator

Back at El Camino Fire Academy we were lucky to have some junked cars on the drill yard to practice victim extrication and window glass breaking. Problem was we had no way of flipping the vehicles to practice advanced skill sets. I just saw this simulation training system for EMS personnel and knew I had to share it!

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This is a “one of a kind patented patient extrication device”, that won an EMS World Innovation Award in 2013!

Product Features:

  • Simulate patient removal and treatment from a motor vehicle accident.
  • Device separates and is mobile, so it can be placed inside the training room.
  • “Glass Breaking device” practice breaking out tempered glass safely and with no mess.
  • Seatbelt cutting simulator allows for repeated hands on experience.
  • Prybox simulator lets you practice your technique for extrication.

Learn more about the Sweet Extrication Training System!

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