December 5, 2013By Lance Baily

Association For Simulated Practice in Healthcare 2013 Conference Video Review – Part 2

aspih 2013

Yesterday in Part 1 of our ASPiH video review, we introduced organization President Dr. Bryn Baxendale and Sim Tech SIG Co-Chair Jane Nicklin from the November medical simulation meeting which took place in Harrogate, England. Today, we continue our conference coverage with further exploration into the sessions and speakers of the event, highlighting the keynote by Gordon S. Michael Simulation Center Director Dr. Barry Issenberg.

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Dr. Barry Issenberg, Director of the Michael S. Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education at the University of Miami, was invited in part by platinum sponsor Laerdal to present on Achieving and Demonstrating Optimal value from simulation in healthcare. This was perhaps one of the most empowering presentations I have seen from one of medical simulation’s leading researchers, because Barry shared the incredible difficultly of replicating successful training methods gleamed from research papers which are limited in wordcount. Here, Barry recalls how he first learned about assumptions of implementation which lead to failed outputs for simulation colleagues attempting to duplicate his team’s performance mastery-based learning research. Areas of assumptions included “time of day of training”, “educational teaching experience of clinicians” and other “cultural boundaries”. Dr. Issenberg continued his presentation at ASPiH to look at such key factors critical to the implementation of research into clinical practice. I applaud this message as my work has been dedicated to increasing the utilization of medical simulation – which is a mission that primarily focuses on the logistics and practical application of the technology and the methodology behind it.

To learn more about technical operations of simulation visit http://www.SimGHOSTS.Org, and to learn more about administrative operations of medical simulation visit!

dr barry issenberg aspih

Visiting sessions throughout the conference I could easily see that there was an energy to ASPiH presenters similar to that of SimGHOSTS events – one which is full of excitement and passion for the use of medical simulation.  On day one of the event after stopping by the exhibitor space I toured several of the conference sessions. Upstairs medical simulation users from around the UK shared their success stories while downstairs, Laerdal provided a workshop on SimPad use, while Dr. Baxendale and Andy Buttery taught a debrief workshop which used the famous breakfast scene from Kramer Vs. Kramer as the recorded scenario. In the video above, Andy reminds the community the difference and benefits to “debriefing the debriefing” where-in facilitators and participants are provided feedback about the post-scenario debriefing experience. This is a critical step in ensuring long term program growth and performance success!

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To be honest, I can’t fit in here all of the wonderful content and connections I made while attending ASPiH 2013. I would highly recommend this meeting for simulation champions within UK or the greater European Union who are looking to better connect with others engaging with this innovative field. Luckily, Dr. Baxendale announced at the meeting a new journal which will provide expanded opportunities for literature within the global simulation community.

Learn more about this empowering organization and the Nov. 2014 event by visiting! Stay tuned for more video interviews from the event coming soon to!

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