November 30, 2022By Lance Baily

Mediterranean Cruise! STEPS 2023 Conference: Simulation and Training Expo for Patient Safety

Can you imagine yourself enjoying a healthcare simulation conference on the coast of Italy, Spain or France in March of 2023? The Simulation and Training Expo for Patient Safety (STEPS) is preparing for the organization’s 2023 event on the MSC Cruise Liner La Grandiosa hitting Genoa, Rome Civitavecchia, Palermo, Valletta, Barcelona, and Marseilles. Join the conference on their Mediterranean voyage at any point across these individual cities for a full day of innovative healthcare simulation content, scientifically directed by Dr. Pier Luigi Ingrassia, Scientific Director at Centro di Simulazione (CeSi). Although the event was cancelled last year due to COVID, will be fully supporting the STEPS event in 2023 as an official media partner, with presentations by Founder/CEO Lance Baily among many other notable healthcare simulation champions at each stop!

*Update*: STEPS 2023 has been postponed from March. Stay tuned for future updates regarding the event’s new schedule in 2023, to be announced soon!

The medical simulation expo will take place in 2023 (with dates to be announced), within the SPORTPLEX Pavilion on the La Grandiosa from MSC Cruises. This clinical simulation event is designed to bring together healthcare simulation specialist operators to share ideas and industry insights. With the logistic support of MSC Cruises, the conference will enable the major international players in healthcare simulation to reach the medical-scientific communities of four different European nations in just one week’s sailing.

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Taking the form of seminars, conferences, demonstrations, simulations, tests, and trials, STEPS 2023 will feature stops in Genoa, Rome Civitavecchia, Palermo, Valletta, Barcelona, and Marseilles. The conference is dedicated exclusively to the production and supply chain of medical simulation, which is employed as an instrument to reduce clinical risk and increase patient safety. Through an “innovative and specific vision of the sector,” the event will present the issues, content, and areas of excellence of a market that is expanding greatly at the international level. STEPS 2023 will also address issues related to the best healthcare simulation products and ideas for medicine now and in the future.

The event is intended for all public and private operators who are interested in understanding the comprehensive opportunities offered by medical simulation. The expo will help showcase healthcare simulation as an instrument to increase the quality of treatment and improve the reliability of processes. Visiting four countries and six different European cities, the STEPS 2023 is a “moving fair” built specifically to support the needs of professional healthcare educators.

“The best of production, distribution, design, and training in the production and supply chain will be present in a meetup and exchange with a two-fold business-to-business and business-to-consumer formula: business to people,” the event website states. “Particular, dedicated promotion to the final public will be organized, showing how simulation in medicine can impact positively on the quality of the most complex to everyday healthcare intervention.”

Presentations will include a review of the current status of medical simulation in Italy, global industry trends, benchmarking simulation in Europe, Comparisons between the US and EU markets, simulation for clinical education, starting a simulation program, selecting the best locations for simulation activities, simulation program management, research presentations, nursing simulation, the economic advantages of clinical simulation and so much more!

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To make this event possible, event leadership has met the needs of an innovative, unique formula with the use of a dedicated space and specific pathways within the ship without overlapping and interfering with the conduct of ordinary cruise activity. The event is intended for all public and private operators who are interested in understanding in depth the opportunities offered today by simulation as an instrument to increase the quality of treatment and to improve the reliability of processes, thus reducing clinical risk and increasing patient safety. Ultimately, the goal of the event is to further the development and awareness of healthcare simulation centers across:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Research centers
  • Private clinics
  • Whoever is interested in understanding the values and returns of this approach

Further, exhibitors will be able to promote their ideas and products in a unique context by means of a dedicated space in the heart of La Grandiosa MSC Cruises thanks to an innovative and simplified formula. In addition to those visitors who have already embarked in order to participate in the dedicated week, each day, during the daily stopovers in Genova, Civitavecchia, Palermo, Valletta, Barcelona, and Marseilles, local operators who have registered for the event will visit the trade fair.

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