November 14, 2022By Lance Baily

Remedy Simulation Launches Armando Healthcare Simulation Training Arm

An important component of medical education involves training on how to properly administer intravenous therapy and injections into a patient’s arm. This practice can be essential to proactively preventing and treating a number of ailments. To help learners become better prepared for performing these procedures in the field, Remedy Simulation Group has developed Armando, a new IV/Injection Training Arm that was in development for over 18 months. This article explains the features of the Armando simulator and shares how these features help benefit clinical simulation learners.

Ultimately, Armando is comprised of a unique system and provides a simple, cost-effective platform for the training of most phlebotomy and injection procedures. Remedy Simulation Group’s team of designers created the all-in-one, easy-to-use arm model to be suitable for a multitude of healthcare simulation training scenarios.

The company explained that the medical simulation product was produced to offer increased simplicity. Remedy Simulation Group explained that existing models are complicated to use and difficult to maintain and that replacing the vessels and the skin on a worn-out training arm usually takes a lot of time and can be extremely frustrating to try to accomplish. For this reason, the company’s goal in creating Armando was to eliminate the frustration by simplifying and expediting the process.

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“With Armando, instructors no longer need to waste valuable class time setting up intricate armature (pun intended) or trying to pull an ill-fitting latex skin over a plastic stump that is supposed to resemble a hand and arm,” Remedy Simulation Group explained in a release. “Our unique modular design allows end-users to not only set up their system in minutes but to change scenarios almost immediately.”

The company added that Armando’s hand and arm inserts can be placed or removed in seconds by simply guiding the attached silicone tubing through the arm core tube. Plus, attachment to an IV bag or pump is possible with just a twist of one Luer connector, adding to the product’s simplicity in use.

“Our inserts are currently designed specifically for Venipuncture practice however, we have several other inserts in the works for the training of different procedures including IV Administration. The upper arm injection pad easily slides onto the arm core tube for quick removal and/or replacement” Remedy Simulation Group stated

Additional Features of Armando

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Each Armando IV insert was designed to provide an accurate venipuncture scenario. The soft urethane rubber outer skin has a realistic look and feels while the urethane foam inside provides authentic subtle resistance. Further, both inserts feature veins just below the outer skin creating a realistic venipuncture experience.

Remedy Simulation Group’s proprietary vessel design features the company’s VesSeal coating for more sticks with less leaking. Inserts can be used for upwards of 100+ sticks before having to be replaced, and replacement inserts are available for purchase separately.

Just like Remedy Simulation Group’s IV inserts, the upper arm Injection Pad features a urethane rubber outer skin that feels and looks very realistic with a urethane foam inner construction providing a supple yet firm base. Several types of needle injections can be performed on the model including intramuscular, intradermal, and subcutaneous as well. Skin puncture resistance and resistance throughout the injection create a truly realistic experience. Further, fluid can be injected into the pad and drained from the exposed foam at the bottom of the pad.

The Armando base arm is a full-scale adult arm of appropriate size and weight and is made of 100% silicone rubber for an authentic look and feel – no latex. The silicone composition is durable and easy to clean and repair if necessary. To enhance DEI, Armando and the corresponding IV Inserts and Injection Pads are available in both light and dark skin tones (as is the case with all Remedy Simulation Group simulators).

Along with creating a training model that is both easy to use and maintain, the company designed Armando to be a more cost-effective option. The modular design allows end-users to replace parts rather than entire units, thus saving in the long run. For example, if they wear out the hand insert, that is all they have to replace.

This unique design also allows Remedy Simulation Group to offer different training models that work with Armando. The company plans to release an IV administration arm insert that is similar to our IVY wearable trainer in the near future. The product will be able to be used with any IV pump, and users can practice IV fluid and medication administration and flushing. Ultimately, Remedy Simulation Group designed the Armando IV/Injection Training Arm to stand out from the crowd, not just be a part of it.

More About Remedy Simulation Group

Remedy Simulation Group is a healthcare simulation industry leader in nursing simulation aids and also in the medical contract manufacturing field. The company believes that medical simulation plays an important role in the future of healthcare, and provides customers with two distinct ways to interface with the company: medical simulation training products and contract manufacturing for simulation products. Ultimately, Remedy Sim’s innovative products help learners studying in the medical disciplines to develop important and necessary skills by providing tactile, realistic scenarios for learning.

The company aims to strike a skillful balance between developing physical anatomical models that are realistic yet competitively priced. Remedy Simulation Group enhances this harmonious combination with superior customer service marked by a satisfaction guarantee and a responsive team of professional resources – equipped with essential product use and care expertise. The company’s services and custom products reach the entire medical education market, including nursing, pharmaceutical, medical devices, continuing education, and other healthcare simulation companies.

Using a pragmatic, solution-minded approach, Remedy Sim strives to reduce or eliminate the need for cadavers, animal testing, mannequins, and expensive and leak-prone full-size practice models. In their place, the company has created simplistically designed anatomical practice models that are both realistic and easy to use. Whether used independently, with a manikin, or with a standardized patient, Remedy Simulation Group shares that the company has solved complexity and realism challenges for a better practice experience.

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