October 14, 2013By Lance Baily

SimGHOSTS 2014 Opens Presentation Submission


Ryan Eling, SimGHOSTS Event Director has sent word that the 2014 presentation submission form has been released online!

From Ryan:

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“I’m very excited to announce that we are accepting PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS for SimGHOSTS 2014!  My Event Team and I want to hear about the type of content YOU want to share with the community next summer!  We are accepting submissions until JANUARY 31st, 2013, so start planning out your proposal today!

While we are still selecting a host for the 2014 event, we know some of you are interested in presenting no matter what funny city we go to! If you do submit a proposal we will inform you of the host selection when known, so you can let us know if you would still be able to present! “

Submit your presentation idea today at the SimGHOSTS website

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