October 10, 2022By Lance Baily

Remedy Simulation Group Releases New Solutions to Ensure Closure Skills

Across medical education, the ability to ensure that learners are adequately trained and that they have the confidence in their skills to effectively perform is imperative. To help them achieve this goal, Remedy Simulation Group has been providing learners with the tools they need to become proficient at the most closure techniques and procedures. Now, these solutions include an all-new Suzy Suture Pad and Basic and Advanced Tissue Inserts. This HealthySimulation.com article highlights all three of these closure-focused Remedy Simulation Group products and explains the benefits and uses of each.

Remedy Simulation Group has designed the all-new Suzy Suture Pad to be much more than just a simple practice pad. Users are to be challenged by the company’s 19 pre-cut wounds of varying shapes and depths as well as the authentic look and feel of the durable silicone rubber construction.

“The wide variety of pre-cut wounds provides differing scenarios for learners. Deciding how to approach each feature and choosing which particular closure method is appropriate is all part of the challenge presented to learners with this tool,” explained Matt Ruddell, Product Development Manager at Remedy Simulation Group.

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Three tissue layers (Epidermis/Dermis, Hypodermis, and Muscle) are all represented and designated in appropriate colors for added realism. Further, the embedded power mesh fabric ensures secure closures. Just like all Remedy Simulation Group products, Suzy Suture Pad is available in both light and dark skin tones.

“Realism in healthcare simulation is extremely important,” added Ruddell. “The more realistic we can make a training device, the better prepared our future healthcare workers will be. Our goal is always to create scenarios that mimic real-life situations where learners will be able to put their training to use firsthand.”

All of these features are packaged into an affordable and compact, lightweight model that will easily fit into backpacks, purses, and drawstring bags. Learners can take Suzy Suture Pad with them wherever they go to work on perfecting their closure skills.

Ruddell shared that, with the Covid-19 situation changing the landscape of how business and learning are conducted, portability is a key feature. He shared that Remedy Simulation Group purposely designed the company’s trainers to be lightweight and have a small footprint so learners could utilize them whether they are at the office, in a classroom, at home or wherever else they may be.

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“Our trainers are also flexible so they can be placed on a mannequin or other objects to create different angles for a more realistic experience,” Ruddell said.

Another new release, Remedy Simulation Group explains that the improved Basic and Advanced Tissue Inserts now offer a customizable training experience. The experience allows users to create their own scenarios.

“Learners can utilize our Basic and Advanced Tissue Inserts which do not have pre-cut wounds, to tailor their experience to specific scenarios by creating their own wounds or injuries,” said Ruddell. “Trainees can use these models to focus on specific procedures or situations where they may need additional practice.”

The all-silicone rubber construction has a realistic look and feel and will hold most closure methods securely. Additionally, the Basic Tissue Insert consists of four tissue layers developed to match the feel and look of the epidermis, dermis, fat, and muscle layers.

“Learners will most likely utilize our trainers to practice suturing, however, our models will also work well with adhesive and bandage closure methods. Ultimately, instructors and trainees can determine how to best utilize our training models,” explained Ruddell.

Remedy Simulation Group’s Advanced Tissue Insert includes an advanced subcuticular layer that can be punctured from the side and will hold a suture to simulate the pulling together of tissue as well. The fat layers of both tissues insert realistically dissect and will not hold stitches while the outer skin layer will not propagate tears.

Just like Suzy Suture Pad, Remedy Simulation Group’s Tissue Inserts are available in a compact, lightweight size for simple portability. They are also available in both light and dark skin tones for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion purposes.

More About Remedy Simulation Group

Remedy Simulation Group is a healthcare simulation industry leader in nursing simulation aids and also in the medical contract manufacturing field. The company believes that medical simulation plays an important role in the future of healthcare, and provides customers with two distinct ways to interface with the company: medical simulation training products and contract manufacturing for simulation products. Ultimately, Remedy Sim’s innovative products help learners studying in the medical disciplines to develop important and necessary skills by providing tactile, realistic scenarios for learning.

The company aims to strike a skillful balance between developing physical anatomical models that are realistic yet competitively priced. Remedy Simulation Group enhances this harmonious combination with superior customer service marked by a satisfaction guarantee and a responsive team of professional resources – equipped with essential product use and care expertise. The company’s services and custom products reach the entire medical education market, including nursing, pharmaceutical, medical devices, continuing education, and other healthcare simulation companies.

Using a pragmatic, solution-minded approach, Remedy Sim strives to reduce or eliminate the need for cadavers, animal testing, mannequins, and expensive and leak-prone full-size practice models. In their place, the company has created simplistically designed anatomical practice models that are both realistic and easy to use. Whether used independently, with a manikin, or with a standardized patient, Remedy Simulation Group shares that the company has solved complexity and realism challenges for a better practice experience.

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