October 6, 2022By Lance Baily

Call for Webinar Abstracts: LEARN Webinar Platform Now CME Eligible

In another milestone for HealthySimulation.com’s LEARN Platform, presenters can now request continuing medical education (CME)’s with their presentation to be approved by Current Concepts Institute. As the LEARN Platform is now CME eligible, HealthySimulation.com welcomes additional webinar presenters for both CE through CA-BRN and CMEs through Current Concepts Institute. By presenting a clinical simulation webinar, simulationists, educators, and other experts from across the industry are able to share their insights with the global healthcare simulation community.

There are many benefits to hosting and attending CME webinars. For healthcare simulation educators, this provides a convenient way for them to share their knowledge with learners who can greatly benefit from a better understanding of the topics presented. Educators presenting also experience professional growth as they showcase credibility and help shape the next generation of simulationists. For learners and medical simulation professionals, CME hours can help them to meet requirements set in place by credentialing and membership-based professional societies.

To submit a HealthySimulation.com LEARN Platform webinar, healthcare simulation experts must submit an abstract to visit this HealthySimulation.com webpage and read the available instructions. As part of the submission process, clinical simulation experts are expected to provide details about themselves including their credentials, position, company, a short bio, and any necessary disclosures. As for their presentation, those completing the submission should include a proposed webinar title, date, and time that would be best to record the live webinar, an abstract, and a one-sentence summary.

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LEARN CME Presentations Currently Available

It Isn’t Brain Surgery: Using Simulation to Improve Patient Conversion, Understanding, Outcomes, and Satisfaction (1 CE/1 CME): Deemed “One of the best healthcare simulation presentations I’ve ever seen” by HealthySimulation.com Founder/CEO Lance Baily, this one-hour session by Dr. Robert Louis, Chief of Neurosurgery and Director of Extended Reality (XR) Development at the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital, will demonstrate a multitude of ways clinical simulation can improve patient care outcomes while simultaneously increasing institutional revenue. This presentation demonstrates the importance of simulated medical imaging in patient care, which cannot be understated.

Simulated visualization plays an important role not only as a diagnostic tool but also as a therapeutic and interventional aid. Advances in imaging and medical visualization systems, particularly in the Extended Reality (XR, which includes Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality) space, have also revolutionized physician-patient communication as well as medical education and resident training. In this webinar, Dr. Louis presents current problems with traditional imaging systems and describes how advanced medical visualization systems can solve them. Learning objectives include:

  1. Illustrate how XR can be used across the surgical treatment continuum from patient education, surgical planning, and intraoperative visualization.
  2. Demonstrate the proven value proposition of Extended Reality in helping deliver better patient care and improved healthcare training.
  3. Discuss current problems with traditional imaging systems and how Extended Reality can solve them.

Breaking Down Digital Barriers: Virtual Debriefing for the Masses (1 CE/1 CME): Many simulation programs have recently shifted towards providing remote simulations with virtual debriefings. Virtual debriefings require simulation educators to facilitate discussions through web-based videoconferencing platforms. Facilitating debriefings through a computer interface introduces a unique set of challenges. Simulation educators require practical guidance to support meaningful virtual learning in the transition from in-person to virtual debriefings.

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Presented by Adam Cheng, MD, FRCPC, Professor, Department of Pediatrics at the University of Calgary, this webinar discusses how the Communities of Inquiry conceptual framework can be used as a useful structure to organize practical guidance for conducting virtual debriefings, and highlight practical strategies to promote effective virtual debriefings. Learning objectives include:

  1. Describe how the communities of inquiry conceptual framework apply to virtual debriefing.
  2. Highlight how social, cognitive, and educator presence can be enacted during virtual debriefings.
  3. Discuss barriers to, and accompanying solutions for effective virtual debriefings for the improvement in the management of a health care facility and/or practice management.

Using Medical Simulation to Intentionally Probe Healthcare Systems: What’s It All About? (1 CE/1 CME): Presented by AnneMarie Monachino, DNP, RN, CPN, CHSE-A, NPD-BC, Senior Simulation Educator, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, this presentation discusses how and why to use system-focused simulations, explores the barriers and facilitators impacting teams interested in this format, and describe a reporting structure used by a Simulation Center that has achieved accreditation in Systems Integration by the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). In addition, participants will be shown examples of systems-focused simulations and their findings and outcomes, as well as the impact on patients and healthcare providers. Learning objectives include:

  • Define the intent of systems-focused simulations including Simulation-Based Clinical Systems Testing and Simulation-Based Hospital Design Testing with particular reference to their role in improving clinical practice and patient safety.
  • Describe the benefits and challenges of designing and integrating systems-focused simulations into a simulation program.
  • Identify an outcome reporting system strategy to share findings with stakeholders.

More About Current Concepts Institute

Current Concepts Institute (CCI) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. This accreditation grants CCI the ability to provide AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM, through Joint Providership, to non-accredited entities hosting non-commercial, physician-based educational events to enhance the diversity and value of their educational offerings.

The Current Concepts Institute (CCI) team has been directly responsible for the planning, content creation, marketing, meeting management, and ACCME reporting for 60 successful Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR) meetings in addition to serving as consultants for global events organized by orthopedic device manufacturers. CCI has evolved from a non-accredited entity to an ACCME-accredited provider and our meeting management experience provides valuable insight into implementing successful in-person, online, or hybrid continuing medical education (CME) activities as efficiently as possible.

Current Concepts Institute is dedicated to delivering contemporary continuing medical education to health care professionals with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of the care delivered to the public. These CME activities are designed to change the clinical competence or professional performance of the learner and/or improve patient outcomes independent of commercial bias. CCI develops, manages, and provides accreditation to CME activities whose teachers are recognized clinical, surgical, and scientific thought-leaders and that present evidence-based information to address professional practice gaps.

More About HealthySimulation.com LEARN Platform

HealthySimualtion.com’s LEARN platform is an incredibly useful resource for clinical simulation professionals and learners looking to gain industry knowledge or sharpen their skills. This is because the platform provides a number of healthcare simulation webinars that range in topics from moulage to medical administration simulation and even trauma simulation.

By showcasing such webinars, HealthySimulation.com’s LEARN platform is able to relay the knowledge of numerous clinical simulation experts from around the world. Without their webinar design, curation, and presentation, much of the content would not be possible. Therefore, HealthySimulation.com encourages more medical simulation experts to submit healthcare simulation webinar abstracts today to continue to bring important clinical simulation information to simulationists worldwide.

More About HealthySimulation.com

HealthySimulation.com is the world’s premier Healthcare Simulation resource website, providing the latest news, CE/CME webinars and courses, conference coverage, research highlights, helpful guides, job listings, product demos, vendor connection services, community sharing, and more!

Started in 2010 by Lance Baily, the resource has provided well over 2,000,000 page views of medical simulation-specific content through thousands of daily articles to hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals from around the globe. The HealthySimulation.com writing team has shared their passion for simulation in healthcare by writing over 4,000 articles so far!

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